NaNoWriMo and other links

So, it’s November and it looks like a bunch of you out there is doing the NaNo. Here’s a list of people I know (and who might know each other, LOL) who participate this year: Joleene, Kenra, Leigh, Loralee, Lydia, Melissa, the Storytelling Nomad and even a guy, Terry! 😉 Support each other and churn out those 50K… Rooting for ya all! 😀 Happy writing!

On to other writerly topics! C.S.Splitter on  writing and trad vs.indie published books. I so love my ellipses and hate those dashes too… 😉

Cat’s call on personal safety. But then all her Soap Box series is worth checking. Although I have no idea of where to start to do something about it. New Year resolution?

Loralie on online presence – whether agent or author, what are you like?

Lydia shares some tips she has learned at a Writers Conference, so make sure to check her blog often.

Michelle on book trailers. I don’t think they boost sales either, but sometimes they’re fun to make! 🙂 And yes, writing more books sells books more than anything else.

Another charity anthology already out: Indie Chicks. Check this extraordinary adventure!

Shaina on not being lazy when you start indie publishing. I’m still waiting for my latest excerpt to go live on one of her blogs, but I’m not complaining.  I’m grateful for the opportunity she gives me to post an excerpt on an all-excerpts blog.

Blood Red Pencil on fearing fear – and possibly overcoming it. And a great post by Kris Rush to boost that belief in yourself. I think we all need to be reminded this from time to time.

Guest post on Bookends about what to answer when asked “How do you get your ideas?”.

Books&Such about why the Battle of the Titans matters to us and why it’s an exciting time for authors (and it’s an agents blog! :-)).

First guest post on Dean Wesley Smith’s post: hear K.W.Jeter’s opinion on this brand new world of publishing! Check also Dean’s observation on the same… but don’t miss Michael Stackpole’s post on house slaves either, or his take on Amazon as the Sauron of publishing (you LOTR fans will know what he means much better than I ever will! ;-)).

Passive Guy’s comments on David Gaughran’s article on the Future is Indie are worth checking too along with Steve Jobs’ 7 rules of success applied to writing by Ruth Ann Nordin.

A fun rant on e-book prices (I like most comments as well, and agree with many). And last but not least Self-publishing for beginners by Ruth Ann Nordin again.

Have a great weekend!

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