no more daily prompts

They don’t actually inspire me to write posts, so I unsubscribed from the whole blog. Sorry WP guys, not helping me! 😉 I’m going to ramble on my own as usual.

So Nov.1st, National Holiday, spent preparing my own private calendars and coloring the next Happiness is… vignettes – and writing, of course. I’m adding a secondary plot that wasn’t in the original, so it’s like writing a new story. I considered writing the short story of what happens off-stage, but maybe I’ll just put it in the novel as the characters themselves figure out what actually happened.

The Calendar has mostly “recycled” drawings from past years, as this year I did only 3. Next year I hope to do at least 2 for the next calendar, but I’m not using pencils much anymore. Maybe when I finish SKYBAND and before starting the next project I’ll do a couple more – if I can find pictures that inspire me, that is! 😉 Ah, well, maybe eventually I’ll change subject, who knows…

I’m still catching up on what happened in the blogosphere while I was gone, but I’d like to link to a great post by Kris Rush on respect in publishing with a cool list of pros and cons of both sides of publishing. It was awesome meeting the people who said those wonderful things, BTW, I wonder if I should relocate to Oregon! 😉

Also Creative Reviewer Cambria posted an interview to her publisher, a small one, but it’s another very interesting POV on the matter. Please check Otherworld Publications interview, as it has some interesting answers. Oh, and Creative Reviews is also on Facebook, come and “like” us! 🙂

By the way I added my Facebook Widget and too off the old badge… I wonder if it will update faster – at the moment the blog shows 151 likes, the page 150. Wonders never cease… and do you like that Twitter-like new Facebook? I hate it, but there isn’t much I can do about it… sigh!

Ah, well enough rambling for today! 😉

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  1. I never used the prompts either. Also, change is hard sometimes. And it seems like every store and every one of my favorite websites is changing so fast, I can’t find the ketchup anymore.



    • Whahah! Look who’s talking! I finally made it back to your blog today and wondered where I was! 😉
      Hugs! 😀



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