Saturday roundup

I couldn’t find anyone willing to do a guest post to fill the blanks between interviews, so I’m doing a little round up of authors who passed through this blog in the past week or years. Sort of Linky Friday but only about authors. An interview had to be rescheduled, so tomorrow no posts. I might schedule something duting my break between workshops, though… apparently wi-fi works and I’m getting used to my bro’s borrowed laptop! 😉

Authors blogs/web pages

Nikalee Livingston – go shake her blog! 😉

Shonell Bacon blog and webpage.

Holli Castillo’s blog.

Jonathan Gould blog – hey, he’s even on the Indie Authors ring (the frog on my sidebar)!

Book/series pages (recommended reading)

Prue Batten’s world of Eirie.

Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthyne Nights.

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