Linky Friday

OK, here’s the last batch of links for the next couple of weeks…

Indie inbreeding and the gene pool of diminishing readers – or what should writers blog about. Check also the comments, as it’s an interesting discussion.

Why do you read stories? That’s also why I write them, like E.P.Baumont! 😉 And don’t forget that writers read!

Are you prepping for NaNoWriMo? If yes, join Melissa. Personally, I won’t do it – ever – but that’s just me. And someone at WordPress as well! 😉

Need more on the art and craft of story? Check Erika’s guest blogger Victoria Mixon. And if you like to write at night on your laptop, you might want to adjust your screen light… check how at Blood Red Pencil!

Wanna hear about branding? I think Stephen makes great points in part 1 and part 2… a special thanks from self-learned me, Stephen.

Why would yo not spend the time to learn indie publishing? Yes, that’s Dean Wesley Smith… but I think he’s right, if a technophobe like me can do it, why can’t you? 😉

Passive Guy on publishers, monopoly and Microsoft or comparing Big 6 to Amazon like Microsoft is to Apple&Google. And Amazon launches sci-fi/fantasy/horror imprint… although I doubt it’s for indie! 😦

On The Write Agenda: John Scalzi and Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware… Let’s see if this puts me on their boycott list! 😉

That’s all, folks! See you in a couple of weeks… I leave you in good company, don’t worry! 😀

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  1. I don’t blame you for not doing NaNoWriMo… sometimes I think I’m crazy for doing it again after last year’s dismal performance haha. But maybe this year will be better. I hope. We’ll see. 🙂

    Thanks for the mention!


  2. Hi Barb! Thanks so much for the link–Victoria always has such amazing insight and advice on the craft–I was so thrilled to have her stop by!


  3. Hey Barb, glad you found my Branding posts useful.

    It’s kind of interesting to me: done at a certain level, branding is a very rigorous and technical discipline. But that takes a lot of data and information about your market. When you’ve got minimal data… branding becomes more art than science.

    On the other hand… that formulation should work well for a lot of writers. 🙂


  4. This NaNoWriMo thing makes me wonder why and how people do it. If something advertises itself by saying that it’s “quantity over quality, ” I’d run as far from it as possible…


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