Linky Friday

Does grammar matter? Yes or no? You tell me! 😉

Facebook for writers. And careful with your Twitter. Glad I don’t tweet! 😉

Cat Woods wonders about e-free. I don’t know the answer – and I have many (short) free titles. I think readers who go for freebies, won’t come back for paid titles. The free sample is enough for a wannabe reader to decide if s/he likes you or not.

Critique groups and editors on Books&Such and another excellent post on critiques by Kenra Daniels. More on critiques – by readers – from Ruth Ann Nordin: readers have rights, but so have authors.

Melissa Wright on book titles and Michelle Davidson Argyle on how to publish your first book… if you’re her! 😉 I should do that too… one day…

Advice to a 10-year-old from a pro writer, Ron Marz. Hear this:

Being a writer means telling the stories you want to read, no matter how readers may react.

WOW. So just go back to write! 😉

Kristine Kathryn Rusch on being a real pro writer. And how pro writers sometimes act as dumb as newbies. So let’s kill this other myth: those who can get a publisher, those who can’t go indie by Ruth Ann Nordin. I chose indie not because I didn’t have a choice. I did my research before deciding I was better off on my own. I was running a zine in the 1990s after all. With no internet and lots of snail mail expenses.

Passive Guy on opening your own online bookstore. Will have to study that. Smashwords on how ebook buyers discover books.

Finally a batch of links about Amazon:

1) launch of new Kindle (apparently not available abroad yet, to which I commented I’m glad I had the basic version one month ago) – just scroll the Passive Guy blog, he has more on this topic.

2) inside Amazon’s warehouse (link provided by Stephen, check also his post on the topic).

3) let’s not forget, though, that Amazon is nobody’s friend. For readers and booksellers more than writers, but still worth a read.

4) bestselling authors dealing with Amazon: Barry Eisler (on Joe Konrath’s blog, of course).

5) indie authors dealing with Amazon by Ruth Ann Nordin.

So, Amazon is all over the place with conflicting news. May the reader discern his or her own truth.

Last – just for fun – 50 facts about men. If you’re in a memorial mood, check out this blogfest. Both these links comes from the great Goodreads Group Creative Review (see that badge on the sidebar? Yeah, them! The best for both readers and writers!)

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. I think freebie short stories can work because people who read those are sometimes willing to pauy for longer works, but I don’t see free whole length books as being too helpful, though many authors swear by them.


    • I won’t price my novels/longer works free, unless it’s Jessamine – because it was free before I put it on Smashwords, but the revised version in a couple of years will be at 99cents. To pay for the new cover, LOL!


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