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Topic #254: I’d share a cave or a fox hole or any other post-apocalyptic place (if we really have to get to that – and assuming we survive it) with my muse, of course. Except to end up somewhere with him we probably should live closer by the time everything happens! ;-) And as I hate L.A., I can settle on a place midway – New York. So, Keanu, send me your New York address so I can move close by, just in case! :-D

Topic #253: I procrastinate by doing something else. I’m creative in many fields, so if I have to finish a drawing I’ll write, if I have to finish a story, I’ll draw. If I had to read I’ll watch a movie, if I have to watch some of the DVD pile, I’ll find something else to do… you get the idea! Housework? I pay a lady, so I don’t have to do it ever, mwahahaha!!! And I do iron when my chest is full… or the wardrobe empty! ;-)

Topic #252: I won’t do it, because I don’t like guns. Now, if it were a sword… Nah, I hate first person narration, so I’ll pass, thank you! :-)

Topic #251: I think there’s a little of both. We have a pre-determined path with few options to get where we’re supposed to go. So we might be smart or lucky and find the shortest way or get lost in the maze of our choices. I think we have our path and destiny, but we are free to choose how to get there. OK, it’s complicated. Don’t look back and keep going! :-D

Topic #248: here’s how I decided to touch only 5 of the weekly digest topics. I wasn’t interested in elaborating on the others! ;-) OK, it’s still a short post… but you can hear me ramble tomorrow! About the birth of a story…

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