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…is back! Non-writer links first: two non-American perspectives on 9/11, the British and the Aussie! Because guess what? It’s not only America that changed that day.

Katy wanted to know a writer’s process. While you wait for my post on the topic, please check Viv’s process – and check also her book Strangers&Pilgrims, if you haven’t already. Reading it after knowing how it came to life is probably even better (I read it long before learning how Viv’s mind works! ;-)).

If you like contests, you can try the 2012 Pikes Peak Writers Fiction Contest. It has different genres and you don’t have to write the actual novel now, as they want only the first 4000words. Be sure to have completed it when the winners are announced, though! 😉

Writers on writing: Michelle Davidson Argyle, Prue Batten and Mark Lawrence guest at Clarion.

Five minutes laugh at Terry Moore’s blog with Bik&Beep. I love him even more when he does these things (says the obsessed fan who has just ordered her paperback copy of Echo).

Dean Wesley Smith reminds us of Heinlen’s business rules (and check the comments as well, see how many “first draft” pro writers?) and his wife Kris Rush finds writing gold in self-help books. And don’t miss the new chapter of New World of Publishing either: “and we writers could write what we wanted and let the readers decide if it was worth buying or not” – I just love this sentence, thanks, Dean! 😀

I Love Smashwords on indie competition and indie book covers – stop stealing those pictures, guys!

Joe Konrath doesn’t care – and neither should you. I had a 2star review. So what? It came from a man, and most men who read my Amazon stories hate them (wonder why? ;-)). He’s not my target anyway. I can live with it! 🙂

Joe Konrath (again) goes against Ewan Morrison’s article for the Guardian. And then he discusses with Blake Crouch – it’s a long chat as usual, but do get to the part suggesting a cloud of indie authors…

Ruth Ann Nordin isn’t sure allowing Kindle readers to ask questions to authors is a good idea.

A Writer Beware post that is NOT about writer bewaring, but on satisfying your reader.

Tobias Buckell on writers and pellets. And last but not least Passive Guy on Stupid Little Authors (another hilarious reading to conclude the list).

Oh, and I won the Ladies Who Critique contest! If you don’t know what I look like yet, go and check it! 😉

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  1. Viv

     /  16/09/2011

    🙂 that is just one way a book comes about for me but it works other ways too!


    • I have different processes too! 😉 I really enjoyed your process for S&P!


  2. I checked out the post by Ruth Ann Nordin – and I was amazed at the length (not to mention the breadth and the depth) of the comments she’s got on that post. Writers sure love to write – don’t they? And if they love to write, then I guess her premonition may very well become a reality – All the jealous type Indie authors may want to rip apart a fellow author’s piece! I could tell you that readers seldom like to write…


    • I admit I usually DON’T read the comments to the links – unless told so (like in the case of the Dean Wesley Smith post – because he said to check the comments as well, haha!)… but yeah, we do love to write! 😉 and yes, readers and caricaturists seldom like to write… 😀


  3. LOVE the photo of you on the Ladies Who Critique site, Barb! Congrats on winning!


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