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My week off Day Job is over (sigh!) but the summer heat is not, at least not over here. Anyway, I spent most of it working and exploring forums and reading manuscripts, and writing Latest Baby (more on that in future post) and preparing for the October workshops, Kindle forgotten for lack of time to put it to full use (besides I have still 3 PDF left and have plenty of time to explore it further).

I sent selected paperbacks to Amazon and checked my Author Central situation: it now looks much better (i.e. I haven’t investigated what happened to that seller, and I don’t care) AND Jessamine climbed the Kindle titles list because Amazon realized it’s free elsewhere and set its price to FREE (again, I did nothing but wait – apparently it pays off! ;-)). I’ve had over 1300 downloads from Amazon US but only 2 from the UK site. And of course, I’ve had my first “low star-count” review on Goodreads. How do I feel about it? Like I said on my favorite Goodreads forum, it’s the first title I put out there, and it badly needs a professional editing. I might do a rewrite whenever I do all the Amazons tales (2013), so I hope it doesn’t turn off future readers! 😉

Speaking of Goodreads, the most wonderful group I found over there, Creative Reviews, is hosting a charity anthology for Christmas, so there’s a call for stories between 1K and 10K with a deadline of October 15. If you have anything that has something to do with Christmas or is good enough for a Christmas collection for a charity (we haven’t a poll to vote which one yet, but join the group if you’re on Goodreads and learn more) please contact our group moderator Amy at amy (at) theeyesforediting (dot) com – also with questions if you have any. I’ll be doing the book trailer for that one, yikes! 😀

Now, to writer friends announcements: Melissa is having a blogfest, I think there’s still time to sign up – hurry as it’s for this Friday. And so is JC Martin, hop off to sign up to her Rule of Three. I’ll have to pass on both, especially the second as I’ll be away in October and wouldn’t be able to do it. By the way, I’d like to have some guests – to be scheduled in advance – so I need 8 volunteers who can either be interviewed or write a blog post for me… Published or unpublished doesn’t matter, if you’re a writer, I want to hear from you! 🙂

Holli Castillo has her second book out – which I will have to check out as soon as the TBR and the ToBuy lists go down a little. Find Jambalaya Justice on Amazon or Barnes&Nobles.

And I got an email from David Baboulene:


Great news for me – and hopefully for you – my Story Seminars are finally rolling, and we’re a-comin’ to the West Midlands on October 1st 2011, Birmingham City University.

I m determined to make these seminars massively useful for anyone who wants to understand story and where the power lies and how to harness it.

As a friend of mine and a supporter of my work, I would love to see you there. If you want to come along, choose the concession rate when booking, and make sure you come up and say hi!

Not sure when /where subsequent seminars will be. I m confident they will continue to other areas, but nothing else is confirmed as yet.

Click my revamped website below and I hope to see you there!



PS. Even if you can t make it (some of you are not exactly West Midlands!) would you mind retweeting/facebooking my web-site out to your world, please? I m really anxious to make these a success and your help would be greatly appreciated xxx

Finally, Thursday I’ll have one last musing – on reading and critiquing. Linky Friday will be back this week. Have a great week!
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  1. Sounds like things are clicking right along. I’ve not checked out self pubbing, but know several writers who have and find it extremely interesting how the Kindle “free” pricing thing works. It’s so fun to watch everyone’s journeys.

    Hugs and continued luck. Hopefully the weather will cool off soon.


    • sure hope the weather cools off… at lunchtime it’s unbearable! 😦
      Thanks and hugs to you!


  2. Barb, thanks for the mention! I don’t how you manage to keep your blog so organized and always on track. It is a skill I don’t possess, although reading your posts every day is inspiring me to start working on revamping my own blog.



    • Holli, some say it’s because I’m a Virgo! 😉 If you’d like to guest post again for me in October, get in touch… I have those 8 spots to fill… 😀


  3. Barb, I would love to guest post in October- give me a date and if you have a topic, or if you want me to pick my own. And I think I can totally blame the fact that I can’t keep up with my own blog on the fact that I’m a Sagittarius, always chasing the dream until I find a better one to take its place. It’s not an easy (or always productive) life, but it sure is an interesting one!



    • Yeah, let’s blame our star signs! 😉 A Virgo is not supposed to be an artist, so I have some conflict going on too…
      Emailing you for October…



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