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I’m shortlisted as a finalist at JC’s Birthday Bash Blogfest! Go and vote, you have time until tomorrow! (and no, I won’t hate you if you prefer somebody else’s entry – that’s what I did, after all! :-D) That was a fun challenge, writing exactly 100 words…

The daily prompts weren’t really inspiring except the interesting post on style. Which relates to Loralie’s post about buying a book by a blogger because you like their voice. Except I’m not sure the blogging voice is identical in the prose/fiction – the first post gives examples of different styles from the same author: I’ve done that too, trying to use different styles either for different stories or in a same story because it was either an exchange of letters or crossing journals and I wanted them to sound different according to the character writing them.

So I don’t know if a blogger’s voice is also the voice found in his/her fiction. I mean, I am very colloquial, informal and slangish on the blog, but as I write fantasy (or historical novels) I try to be more formal even if I keep a journalistic prose – that’s my voice, I don’t like literary prose.

When I bought other bloggers books, it was either to support another indie author or because I was interested in the story – and I can’t say the books were written with the exact same style of the blog. Maybe I picked authors/bloggers with a not so distinct voice? I don’t think so.

And what about me, do I sound different here or in my fiction?

Weekly photo challenge: colorful. London backyard autumn colours (note the British English, please).



  1. Thanks for speaking up! I’m really glad you found the piece on style to be interesting (and I hope I can put together a few more interesting posts about writing). I agree that the blogging voice tends to be different from the voice used in fiction, though of course there’ll be overlap here and there. It’s generally a different mindset, though.


    • I totally agree with you on this! 🙂 Of course some patterns are part of the writer’s voice, but considering that sometimes in fiction we experiment with different styles and genres, it’s bound to sound different from the blog voice…
      Will have to check those other posts, thank you! 🙂


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