Linky Friday

Wah, two more weeks gone already? OK, again some of these links are that old, but I thought I’d share them anyway…

Literary Lab went to a Neil Gaiman reading. Quite an experience, apparently!

A list of stuff an author (or the publisher???) should do by Prue Batten – how many did you check on that list? Me, not as many as her, but close… More on marketing for indies: Shaina on the Amazon Author Central Page (still a sore spot for me, but I still don’t have the strength to deal with it at the moment) and how to help your readers find you.

Writers, those loners… Clarion blog on writing out/with others, and Blood Red Pencil on who are we hanging out with. And at I love Smashwords an experience with an indie writers Facebook group

Blood Red Pencil on knowing your editor – I have commented on that, although I’ll keep this topic for another post  – and Passive Guy  wondering if you have to quit your day job to pursue your art – methinks not until you earn a living from your writing, but that’s why I love Kristin Kathryn Rusch’s words:

And yet…the book is on an upward trend.  Which means that the three original readers probably told a friend or two who read the book, and those friends told more friends, and so on and so on.  Yeah, you won’t get rich in 2011 with those numbers, but with some patience, and a willingness to write and publish more books (instead of spending all your time promoting), you might make a small living on that book in 2013.  And by 2015, you might have enough to kiss your day job good-bye.

That’s my goal, actually. A present for my 50th birthday! 😉

Agent Jessica Faust on writing what you want to write – and she’s an agent!!!

Copyright issues: the “end” of Ruth Ann Nordin’s adventure (I have considered pulling everything down myself, but, like she said, the only way not to be pirated is to keep everything for yourself. BUT I’m not putting any more paperbacks on Lulu for the moment – I know I have only one reader for SKYBAND anyway, and she’ll probably wait for the omnibus, so useless putting out the single chapters for now) and I love Smashwords on the topic for indies.

Have you heard about that guy who wrote for the Wall Street Journal about how we’re going to miss those damn gatekeepers? Here he is torn to pieces by Kristin Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, David Gaughran and Joe Konrath. Hope he can take the bashing…

And you could add Michael Stackpole‘s view on the business as well… words of wisdom by the dozens!

On Writing Magazine that I bought in London last May I found a few links for submissions – but I chose only the SFF or romance links. Here we go in no particular order.

Macmillan new e-romance imprint. Beachwalk press. Carina press (Harlequin e-books division). Avon new romance e-imprint.

Buzzy mag (SF/F/H). Anarchy books UK. Analog magazine. Fantasy Magazine. Aurealis reopens to submissions Down Under. Darwin’s evolutions.

Funny links: EditMinion for a robotic editor and Autography to autograph your e-books! Happy querying, writing and whatnot! 😀

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