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Back to Linky Links! First, I thought I’d share some links from Writers’ Forum that I bought in London last May.

Guidelines for a new pulp fiction publisher, based in the UK. If you think you have something for them, send it out – doesn’t have to be long, as the complete manuscripts can range from 23000 to 40000 words. Hey, it’s pulp fiction, OK? 😉

And if you’re still willing to do competitions, here’s a list of some (all with entry fees and cash prizes):

Aeon Award (max 8000words) closes 30 Sept.

Brighton COW Short Story Comp. closes 31 Aug, 30 Nov.

Flash 500 competition closes 30 Sept.

Writers of the Future Contest closes 1 Jul or 1 Oct – methink this is specific for sci-fi and fantasy, as it’s what most writers at David Farland’s forum aim for, but I might be mistaken.

Now, most of the rest might be up to two weeks old (which means ages old in Internet-Time…), but I thought I’d share them anyway.

Mickey Mills ponders about Facebook ads. I’m not sure I like ads in the first place, and certainly didn’t buy anything from an ad…

Erika Marks has a guest post on getting organized which goes nicely on Victoria Strauss thoughts on internet and procrastination – the first not strictly “writer beware” post from Lady Victoria I’d like you to look at! 😉

Blood-red Pencil on selling a book as a tea

Agent Jessica Faust on wordcount in epub world – which was actually explained better by Dean Wesley Smith, but I can’t remember the link to that post. But there you have it, it’s confirmed by an agent.

Books&Such on promo tips for you website AND Facebook.

Dean Wesley Smith on researching fiction. He’s right. It’s fiction! It drives me crazy to see people think novels are facts – novel are by definition fiction. Based on real stuff, maybe, but still a novel.  That’s why as soon as I finish a first draft of facts for my historical novel, I’ll have to go back and add the fiction to make it more real! 🙂

You probably heard also about Mrs Rowlings self-publishing… Dean Wesley Smith’s predictions, Passive Guy’s comments… and Joe Konrath, of course! 🙂

Two more links: Joe Konrath on your second storefront and Passive guy on writing for Harlequin

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Writers of the Future is indeed for Speculative fiction (F&SF). But there’s no entry fee. It’s probably the most prestigious contest in the F&SF field.


    • That’s what I heard! 🙂 I’ve had so many screenwriting competitions in the past, though, that I’d rather not enter the prose ones… if you go for it, best of luck! 😀


  2. Yes, Writer’s of the Future is Fantasy and Sci-fi, I’ve entered it a couple of times (and lost both times 😉 ) I have a third I am working on to some day enter as they do contests continually 😀



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