Linky Saturday

Another week gone, and another month almost gone too…

In case you missed them, I uploaded a few things on Smashwords:

Lady Ice and Jessamine the graphic novel + Arquon which includes The Sect you’ve read here and The Slave (more on this tomorrow – it’s my Six Sentence Sunday). And The Orphans about Keiko and Kumar’s first meeting with the Sect (i.e 15 years before Air).

And after complaining I had no reviews, I got two more! 😉

I’m also starting to use Smashwords like Facebook, “liking” other authors and adding books to my library (I use it like the Amazon wish list – eventually I’ll buy/download them). On Goodreads I’m still completely lost, though…

Anyway, to the links!

Michelle Davidson Argyle on why it isn’t about the big publishing deal to which here are my thoughts: I’ve been writing and wanting to get published since my teens. Official start date 1978 and I’ll be 46 this summer. True that for may years I didn’t submit and wrote mostly for myself. I started growing as a writer when I started giving my writing to friends. And now indie publishing. And maybe one day I’ll find a small traditional publisher for other projects. But I’m like Michelle. Quit whining, if it’s not fun, why keeping at it?

Shaina Richmond explains why she started I love Smashwords – where I even signed up for the forum, but hadn’t gone back since, haha. Unfortunately I have more time at the office and I’m on the wrong side of the ocean to meet somebody there during that time slot. But we’ll see, maybe during the weekend I’ll have time to check in again.

While I’m on I love Smashwords, Jeff Thomason explains how to have good use of Stumble upon. I think I stumbled on it, but thought it was too complicated for me, but maybe now I’ll give it another try! 😉 J.A.Laughlin on being a successful author – that’s why I call myself an Author, haha! 😀 And for you Kindle owners out there, here’s how to download for your Kindle from Smashwords and other non-Amazon sites! And finally, if you’re a Smasher and want to submit your coupons to Kitchen sink Sunday… readers will probably enjoy the discounts!

Bloodred Pencil on info dump, which is something I’ve been struggling with in my historical novel (I don’t want to end up like Alessandro Manzoni, although he became a classic in spite of boring his readers to death…). And also on research for fiction – yeah, even genre writers like me. I’ve written for years without research, but I’m glad to having added layer to Silvery Earth when I started researching! 🙂

Dean Wesley Smith on e-books as gift cards (!!) and killing another sacred cow of publishing: only if you stop writing you will kill your career. Trust him, he’s totally right! 😉

Kristine Kathryn Rusch on surviving the transition part 1 and part 2. And J.Daniel Sawyer on contracts – a must read for all creative people.

Mickael Stackpole on the way of the Dodo book. More words of wisdom from another pro.

Self-published authors lounge warns about networking scams. Looks like Writers Beware are now everywhere…


  1. And just checked out Jessamine 😀 I want to be the queen in that land! heh-heh!

    My library on Smashwords is full of books I did covers for, and then some on the to be read list…


    • thank you! 😀
      I’m thinking of uploading the single chapters of SKYBAND on Smashwords, but I’ll have to do the B&W version to keep the file under 5MB… Should I do it? 99cents each? 😦
      Sooo many possibilities, sigh!


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