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Ahem, well, today I should be guest posting over at Melissa‘s and she’s here… I might not be on over there yet (you know those time zones? If you’re in Australia and Europe it might be a little early to check) but if you’re in North America, hop there and check what I have to say. Like with Janna we decided on a post title and each of us gave her interpretation – with no images! 😉 So ladies and gents, please welcome young and talented Melissa Wright!

How I Find My Muse

I tend to get into a fight with my muse on a daily basis. Creativity and inspiration always seems to hit at the most inopportune times and never when I’m sitting at home in front of my computer waiting for it to strike. Then, I realized something. Maybe it’s when I want it to come that I’m trying way too hard.

My muse left me for awhile. Quite awhile actually. To be honest, it left for a good few months. Why? Because I let certain stress and frustration get the best of me and those things pushed it away.  It left me because I wasn’t nurturing it like I should.   I wasn’t giving it the attention it deserved and in spite, it abandoned me and left me helpless with a book to write.

It’s not that I didn’t care about my muse. It gave me the creativity I needed. It lived in my imagination and cheered me on when I sat down to write. I began to miss it when it left. So, how did I get it back? It’s been a long process but I’m getting there.

I’ve learned to relax. Relaxation is the key for me (since I suffer from an anxiety disorder so it’s best for me to write with a clear head.)  I don’t let stress overcome my writing time. That’s my special time and I refuse to let other problems interfere with that.  You have to make your muse be first during that time. They need that attention to give you the creativity you need.

I’ve also sat down and really got to know my muse. I imagined what it looked like, what it’s personality was.  It has become my friend even though it’s not really there. It’s my writing buddy and it deserves that title.

My writing time isn’t just my time, but also my muse’s time to show me the way. It keeps me going and makes sure the story is on track. Once it leaves, my story goes with it. It’s important to really know who your muse is.

Finding your muse isn’t always easy, but it’s always beneficial to. However you decide to find it, you will be lucky it is there.

Melissa Wright


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  1. You have a muse that refuses to be pressured 😉

    Great guest post!


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