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… but I’ve picked up last Friday’s so I’m not to late. Topic #134 was: if you got a tattoo, what would it be?

Especially since I started SKYBAND (where every major character has at least 2 tattoos) I’ve been thinking on what I’d like to try. I’m not too keen on permanent things, so maybe a henna (not permanent) tattoo would work better for me. Anyway, I can’t make up my mind of where I want it – although I’m sure that if I find a unicorn drawing I like, I can have a permanent tattoo, haha! – so today I’ll play with… SKYBAND.

I’m supposed to be Axelle (I wish I were that cute! ;-)), so if I got myself some henna tattoos, I’d like to try hers which are as follow:

This is the “censored” version of the drawing – it’s been done very quickly in pencil, I use it only for reference on the tattoos. Axelle (and Ylenia)’s lower back tattoo(s)? Found them on that book at the library in London, and as they didn’t have them so far, I had to change the story in a later chapter to explain why they had new ones (to copy Nadira, they liked hers and used their free day in the Tattoo Country in a tattoo parlor, just like Killius and Desiderio).

Did I mention SKYBAND is for mature reader with lots of naked people in it? Not too many because a) I’m not very good with anatomy and drawing naked people isn’t my best feature and b) drawings all those tattoos every time is waaay too time consuming! 😉

But I love them, and I’m collecting all the tattoo magazines I’ve bought for research purposes (not to mention those I found online…). So you never know. One day I might actually get one! 😀

Writerly updates: I have uploaded The Sect along with The Slave on Smashwords as Arquon (2 Tales of the Southern Kingdoms) while I started the revision/rewrite of the historical novel in order to finish it (I haven’t written the ending). The latter if painfully longer than what I’m used (it took me one hour and a half to revise the first 4 scenes yesterday) because I have to continually stop and check facts, but I’m still having fun. So it might also take me longer than I expected to finish it, but it’s a new thing, so I’m not blaming myself for being slower! 🙂 It will be my side project for at least half the year…

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  1. I love the one on her left shoulder blade. Don’t know how that might work in henna, but it is beautiful. 🙂


    • I’m not sure what size those stars should be. I have a small version on one of those kids tattoo shits, but it looks better bigger, doesn’t it?


  2. Naked people? I hope they live in a place where it doesn’t snow…
    There’d be riots:)


    • They’re heading for the common room of a public bath… although yeah, they probably should wear towels! 😉


  3. Those are awesome tats!

    I’m too big of a chicken to get a tattoo! Though if I did it would be a blue eye on the top of my foot staring up at me 😉 Or else in the palm of one hand… that could be cool too (I have an eye fetish!)


    • me too, that’s why I thought about the henna ones! 😉
      You have eye, I have unicorns… we can go together hand in hand for support! 😀



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