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  1. Laughing out loud, literally!

    Looks like me no matter what I do on my computer!



  2. Madison Woods

     /  23/05/2011

    I’m almost dreading the trailer as much as I am the synopsis, lol. I’ve heard so many horror stories. I love the graphics and colors on yours, though I’ve only seen the one you had posted here a while back. Have you also made one with photographs? Does anyone make them with movies? I’m not at that point in creating yet, so I haven’t been doing much to research it.


    • Probably somebody does it with a video camera… but I don’t have the resources nor the actors to do a mini-movie! 😉
      Check Cinders book trailer (photos and model)… my other book trailers are on the page above, and as I’m an “artist”, I prefer to draw them, but I guess using photos is the same thing: import the photos on Windows Movie Maker and start playing with the effects (although my artist friend says Adobe Premiere is better and blah blah blah, but WMW is easier! ;-))
      Cinder book trailer http://www.michelledavidsonargyle.com/2008/07/cinders-promotional-feel-free-to-use.html (Michelle is a photographer)


  3. I’m a windows movie maker fan, too! I use it for all my videos – I think it;s much easier, and you can get plugins to make it just as powerful as “the big boys” 😉


    • I’ve bookmarked the site of free plugins you gave, but I haven’t dared trying it yet… 😀 I’m still exploring, just like Photoshop! 😉


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