short story – The Sect (part 2)

read part one if you missed it.

The Sect

by Barbara G.Tarn


Ashlee rushed into his arms and he held her tight, closing his eyes, drunken with her perfume. He was free! Happiness was overwhelming.

“Oh, honey, I thought you’d never come back!” she whispered. “I was terrified at the thought they might kill you! Are you all right?”

“Yes,” he pulled back to look her in the eyes. “I’m fine.” All pain was forgotten in the joy to be with her. He kissed her passionately and again lost himself in the world of love.

The wedding was simple and their love grew with each day… and each night, each kiss, each caress or whisper or moan or giggle.

Until Ramesh came, with an overwhelming number of community members: they now wore blood red turbans and had scimitars. Something must have changed in their setting, as they looked fierce like the king’s army.

The village thought they were under attack, but the leader’s smirk told them maybe it wasn’t so.

“What do you want?” Manjeet asked, squeezing Ashlee’s hand.

“You belong to the Sect,” Ramesh answered. “Our Goddess is bloodthirsty now.”

Manjeet gulped down his terror.

“Your father let me go. I’m exiled.”

“The Goddess wants you. She punished my father for letting you go. The High Priestess Chandra and myself are in charge now. And the Virgin Seeress spoke: the Goddess wants more blood.”

Ramesh had always been cold and calculating, so the lack of sorrow and hint of triumph in his voice didn’t surprise Manjeet. But the fact that a good leader had been killed and his worst enemies were now ruling, that was very bad news.

He let go of Ashlee’s hand, desperate and defeated. He couldn’t risk her or her family, her people. He looked her in the eyes, knowing he’d never forget her.

“I must go, beloved,” he said.

“Don’t. They’ll kill you,” she said, serious.

“They’ll kill you too if I resist,” he replied. “Don’t wait for me this time. Remarry…”


He held her tight and kissed her, then turned his back on her, her village, their brand new home.

Two guards grabbed him and dragged him away. He could feel Ramesh’s lustful eyes piercing his back.

ย ***

Ramesh stared at the fountain of dark liquid to the right of the temple entrance with a frown. He knew it was that thing calling him, feeding on his emotions and giving him power. When they had built the Temple of the Goddess, that fountain had been left in a corner, untroubled. Nobody dared touching it.

Without thinking, he plunged his hand in the liquid. It was warm and purred as his fingers wiggled in it. He could hear sighs and moans of pleasure, as if a woman was enjoying his touch.

He took out his hand. It was dry. He licked it, but there was no taste. What was in that fountain wasn’t water. And it was powerful. When he had plunged his knife in his father’s heart, he had felt invincible. The voice of the Goddess had praised him and given him strength.

“I want Manjeet,” he whispered, filled with lust. “I want him all for myself.”

“He’s full of light,” the husky voice answered. “You can only destroy him.”

Well, he wanted to tame him and break him, so what was the difference? Besides, Chandra wanted to sacrifice him on the Goddess altar…

“His blood will give you more power,” the voice assured.

“Enough power to get rid of Chandra?” he asked, interested.


He stared at the liquid one last time.

“If I can’t have him, I might as well use him to gain control of the Sect,” he decided.

The disembodied voice chuckled.

“You’re wicked, Ramesh. But you’re the best to teach your people the power of sex and blood…”

ย ***

“The Goddess wants you, Manjeet. You shall join her in the Afterworld.”

“I hate you,” Manjeet whispered, glaring at Chandra, held still by two muscled guards.

She scoffed, while Neha repeated in the same, toneless voice of her visions, “The Goddess wants you. And the people want you dead.”

“Since when do we do human sacrifices?” Manjeet asked with a frown.

“Since you upset the Goddess and made her bloodthirsty,” Chandra replied. Her white clothes had been replaced by a blood-red sari with a black bodice. Everybody in the underground city now wore red and black instead of white. “She requested Puddra first.”

“And you performed the sacrifice?” he asked with disbelief.

“No, Ramesh did,” she scoffed. “The power generated by his father’s death was unheard of. The statue of the Goddess turned all black.”

This explained the new colors of the people clothes.

She walked to him.

“Surrender,” she whispered in his ear. “And I’ll save you.”

“Never,” he replied through clenched teeth. He had enough of being her toy. He didn’t want to know the new direction his community would take, not with Ramesh and Chandra at the head.

“You’re a fool, Manjeet,” she said coldly, backing away. “You shall have the end that you deserve.”

They took him to the temple, where indeed the statue of formerly gray granite had become totally black. Ramesh waited by the altar with his sadist smile, and Neha offered him a drink. He was about to refuse, but her eyes, now focused on him, were pleading, so he nodded. She put the chalice to his lips and as the sweet juice went down his throat, he knew she had drugged him,

Drums and horns, chants and prayers started clashing in his head. Unaware of his surroundings, numbed and dazed, he let them take him to the altar. The statue of the Goddess loomed over him and seemed alive.

He saw Ashlee, but she vanished before he could call her. Deaf and blind he slid into oblivion, wondering where this new custom would take his doomed people.

ย ***

Ramesh stared at Manjeet lying drugged in front of him. He licked his lips in anticipation and raised his knife, then plunged it.

The blood was sweet on his tongue.

“And now, let’s party!” he announced, aroused by the surge of power the spilled blood had given him.

“Ramesh, are you out of your mind?” Chandra protested.

He laughed at her, drunk with the power.

“I think it’s time our Seeress loses her virginity,” he said, grabbing Neha’s hand. The girl whimpered, trying to free herself from his grip.

“You will not touch her,” Chandra put herself between him and the terrified Neha.

“She’s mine!” He screamed with rage.

Lightning struck the High Priestess, creating a hole in the ground. Neha jumped back, and so did he in front of the new feature of the temple: the Goddess Pit opened on eternal fire. Red and black. Blood, fire and darkness. No more light and boring white clothes. The power of sex and blood.

Ramesh started laughing, exhilarated.

The Sect started chanting the glory of the Bloodthirsty Goddess, feeling her power. Lust filled all hearts and the orgy started.

Only Neha seemed immune to the call. Her eyes darted around, trying to look for a way out. Ramesh was on her before she could move, and forced himself on her.

“Welcome to the Temple of Pleasure,” he whispered in her ear when he was done, ignoring her tears.

“You… wicked bastard…” she tried to push him away, managing only to excite him again.

“When I’m finished with your training, you’ll be more expert than an old whore,” he promised her.

He could feel her light and it was intoxicating. But there was also darkness in her, which was even better. He’d have her babies and create new rules. And eventually the outside world would belong to him.

The End?


  1. OooooH! I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€ >:)


    • You’ll have more of Ramesh in the next short story… ๐Ÿ˜‰ And in “Air” as well! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Nikalee

     /  17/05/2011

    Cool story, Barb! I didn’t see that ending coming!! It is a bit fragmented though; I think it needs to be a bit more flowing. However – that is just my opinion! I love the plot and ideas. Very original.


    • The original was written in 1985, I adjusted it to what Silvery Earth is now, but didn’t expand it very much… I had an omniscient narrator back then, and turned it into two POVs, but apart from that… I guess it’s my style, I’ll have my betas forever begging me to expand! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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