Guest post – Shafali the Caricaturist!

I am proud and humbled to host such a wonderful artist who can always make us laugh! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Mighty Caricaturist!

After thanking Barb for giving me this opportunity to post at her beautiful blog, I’d like to introduce myself – in person, that is.

You see that doubly lost critter in the middle of the picture below? That’s me. Doubly lost – because getting lost at sea wasn’t enough for me – I had to also lose myself in Barb’s book, “AIR – The Books of the Immortals”! If you haven’t got it yet, you should get it…especially if you aren’t planning to travel by sea.

I really don’t know what one writes in guest posts. I did check a couple of other ones and realized that people do have a lot to say…unlike me. Right now, my tongue is tied with a very medieval twine bought in Arquon (refer to the book that I am reading in the picture), and my fingers suddenly feel like someone poured lead into them. I can move them only with great difficulty. I hope you’ll understand why this post is…somewhat short.

However, if you like to look at caricatures and you enjoy read funny stuff, do visit my blog at: 🙂

Barb, thanks again for inviting me over. I have used the icon of your book-cover in the cartoon, I hope it’s okay 🙂 Please also convey my appreciation to your cover artist.

Thank YOU, Shafali, I’ll make sure Cristina sees this drawing too! 🙂 Now I might be posting a story set in Arquon – which I already had in mind before you mentioned it – so stay tuned… for a prequel to Books of the Immortals – Air on this very blog! 😀

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