Battle of graphic novels

… or Mercenaries?! vs SKYBAND. Have you read Ludwig’s guest post on Leigh’s blog last week? I promised to reply to him… so here I am! 🙂

I did “the gathering” of those five for a “contest” (it was by a friend, who had only two entries, so we were both winners… no comment on that…) while I was still working on my previous graphic novel (that should go in the M/M category, without the Japanese drawing style, that’s why I didn’t sell many) so indeed they had to wait until I actually wrote down the story. I decided I wanted 65 short chapters but the first were from 8 to 12 pages until I had a couple of episodes printed in a British zine who wanted max.8 pages, so I decided to stick to 8 pages-chapters (which is very good for issuing them 5 at the time, BTW – that was the time of photocopied zines, after all! ;-)). I didn’t write it all in one sitting, and I probably changed my mind a couple of times during the story, so when I read it all in one sitting when it was done I went a little “ARGH!”. Hence the attempt to redraw it and color it etc.

I also made changes to Silvery Earth in the meantime, so the winged guy was called Angelo Brandret and he wasn’t a Sila yet (I came up with that name around 2006, I think). Which means, really, I should rewrite it to fit in with the new Silvery Earth… so eventually I might delete all the handwritten balloons, and rewrite it from scratch – although I feel I’ve become better at drawing, but then it’s also thanks to them, haha! Here’s the complete team at the end of the story:

standing r.: Birdsong, Hal, Rosebud, Erwan, Maxian, Brianna, Winged Brandred. Seated r. Ludwig, Zaphir, Rihannon and Winged Lilith

When I decided to do another graphic novel, I indeed had my heart still set on the Sweeties. But I wanted to do something more realistic than them. Still the idea was one of mercenaries, so the working title was New Mercenaries – until I found a seven letter word and matched the initial to their names. And, like I said, I tend to use always the same models, so the faces are really recurring. For your comparative pleasure, here’s SKYBAND:

Brianna has become Axelle, Winged Brandret has cut his wings and grown his hair into Brayan, Ludwig (who was the youngest) has become Desiderio (who is the oldest, but still looks the youngest – because, well, the model is younger…), Maxian the wizard has become Swan the minstrel and Birdsong (who is gay anyway) turned into the warrior woman Ylenia (with a different hair color as well). That’s the original team, but in the final one you can see also Rihannon, who becomes Nadira, and there was also Killius, as Brandret’s childhood friend Winged Keanu (yeah, I didn’t bother to change his name in that case, haha! :-)) – a secondary character.

So… Ludwig is right. Luckily he has no lawyer to sue me! 😀 (Besides, I’m Brianna, and I’m stronger than him, haha!)



  1. Nikalee

     /  11/05/2011

    I always loved your photocopied graphic books, Barb, and have kept them all! I might get them out again and re-read them! 🙂


    • or, when I’m famous, you can sell them on e-bay and earn the money to come to England! 😉


  2. You should resurrect it! You have plenty of time! You don’t need to sleep, come on!

    (Ludwig paid me to add that last part! Alas, the currency is not going to do much good locally 😉 )


    • I’ll finish SKYBAND first, then if I still haven’t written down the next one, I’ll scan and re-letter Mercenaries?!… hopefully next year won’t be the year of the sloth and I won’t need sleep! 😀


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