Linky Saturday

Wow, another week is gone, sigh. And it was a week spent at home working! 😦

Update: Fire will go to the editor soon. The Fern and The Cross still needs a lot of work, because there are a lot of things I want to add, and I have to find a way to shove them in without being boring. I’m taking notes on things to add and stories to twist, but I’m still musing on some things. Draft Zero is barely over 50000words, so not a real novel yet, but I want to try to expand it as a novel, and not a rushed story with masses of material in the background that doesn’t come out properly – and I haven’t worked on the end yet at all, so it’s an interrupted job. Will have to get back to study John’s reign before I can tackle that one. But I’d rather adjust the rest before I continue, to avoid too many rewrites later.

To the links! Wicked Writers has some pantser plotting techniques that are very similar to my own.

Contact announces the Steampunk Week at Carina (which is now over) with reflections on steampunk as a genre. My thoughts: I’m trying to redefine fantasy as I like it, and therefore having a hard time. Fantasy readers don’t dig my stuff, non-fantasy readers don’t get. It’s a tough world… I should have chosen a “newer” genre such as steampunk with less preconceived “rules”! 😉

Noobcake tried the speech recognition software! If you like to talk to your computer, please check this hilarious post! 😀

I normally don’t post links to one of my favorite (and updated once a month) blogs, but if you’re afraid of the nuclear fallout from Japan, you can check this post about Radiation is Light. As the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy says: “Don’t panic”. It’s panic that will doom us all. And that’s what the darkness is working towards.

To more light (and writerly) subjects: have some fun with this book review at Blood Red Pencil. They also have a post on punctuating quotations – to which I noticed I’m obviously using British English punctuation with American English spelling. Interesting.

Muchelle Ule of Books&Such got hacked. Read about her Facebook nightmare. Makes you want to cancel all social networks accounts. (Not that I have many personal data on my personal FB account anyway, but still…)

Clarion has an excellent article on who edits you, with pros and cons of each choice.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch on agents

And agent Rachelle Gardner on Skype. Now, I do have Skype (but no web-cam, I have an “old” desktop). But I hate phone-calls anyway! 😉 So I usually use the chat, even for file-sharing (like with my cover artist, because I have an old version of MSN, so she manages to send me files only through Skype). But I have it.  Still don’t believe in Twitter, though.

Same agent on will your first book be published: no, Rachelle is right, I will never publish my first books as they are, and not only because they’re in Italian and I now write in English. There was a time I was actually happy to be unpublished so I could twist and turn and change anything I’ve written. Now I’ll have to get used to the fact that when it’s out there, I can’t change it anymore, so I have to adjust the other stories to what’s out! 😉

Oh, and I of course subscribe to Ruth Ann Nordin’s Author’s Bill of Rights in total… 😀

Last but not least, my very outspoken graphic novel character Ludwig, aka Lud, aka Luddyluddy (or Luddino in Italian) is talking about me at Leigh’s blog… so kind of her to have him, but I’ll have to reply to his ramblings sometime next week! 😉 You might have noticed I don’t do characters interviews like Melissa or character guest posts like Loralee, but when Leigh issued her challenge, I remembered I have these characters who KNOW they are in a story, so even if it’s fantasy and they don’t know what a computer is (a magic-thingamagic? ;-)), they can ramble about me… they did so in the graphic novel, so why not here? 😉

Have a great weekend!

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