Love-story with… England

It all started with… a royal wedding! The Royal Wedding Of Last Century, though. Yeah, Wills’s parents. First time I went to England was for three weeks in June 1981 with EF. I spoke mostly Italian (even if we had young people from Sweden and Norway in the small town of Folkestone, all brought by EF to study English – and my fellow males took advantage of it, mangling with those northern girls, haha! Teen Latin lovers in action… imagine that!) and basically hated it. I was so sick of Charles & Diana’s faces everywhere, I refused to watch their wedding the following July. Which is something I stuck to even this year, by the way… 😉

Then I went back to the Eurocentres (the Lee Green one, in case you’re wondering, as there’s more than one in London) to improve my English in 1986, 1989, 1990 and 1993 (+ some spurious visits to London as a tourist, or better, shopper) when I met my British teacher and started one-on-one lessons, novel and screenplay revisions, etc. The first times I booked my two weeks with him, he enrolled the help of his friend Ken (he was still teaching full time back then), the sweetest British gentleman I ever met, who, when he discovered I loved the middle ages, took me to visit castles (Bodiam is still my favorite – they even shot Robin of Sherwood series 3 there! ;-))  instead of a normal lesson (I guess my level of English was quite good at that point, I didn’t really need boring grammar lessons anymore! ;-)). Sadly he passed away last year, but I always got a Christmas card from him, and even took him around Rome once, when he visited in the late 1990s. Ken, I miss you when I go to London now, sigh.

I’ve been going to London almost every year since I started Day Job, mostly for shopping, but also to explore more. A day trip to Warwick Castle, my adventure with my groupie friends, the workshop in Wales, a tour of Scotland in 2008, and then we’ll see. I still have to schedule a castle tour with my teacher reaching even Bamburg Castle (another set of Robin of Sherwood, it’s Castle Belleme in the TV series…)  and then Scotland, but I don’t know when that will happen! 😉

I have now 2 screenwriters, 1 poet, 1 artist and my teacher to visit anytime I go to London. I love England, I love British humor and that’s where I started learning the language. As a tribute to it (and to the setting) I’m writing the historical novel with British spelling. Ain’t it cool? Yeah, the blog and Silvery Earth sound very American to my poor teacher! 😉 At least he won’t grumble “It’s so American” when he edits it – which, by the way, he said also of the lyrics of a Def Leppard song I had inserted in a fantasy book (that was 15 years ago, my English wasn’t so good, and I used mostly song lyrics to write…): those were the guys who, when Steve Clarke died, wanted a guitarist with a British passport as a substitute to fit in with the rest… I guess rock music, no matter where the musician comes from, sounds American anyway! (Is this why I prefer pop? Because it’s more British? Mmm…)

So, there you have it, my ongoing love-story with the land of the queen… the island who, when there’s fog on the sea, says the continent is isolated… you gotta love them! 😀



  1. Nikalee

     /  10/05/2011

    I love England too, though I’ve only been there twice. I would LOVE to go again, and join you in visiting castles! Still waiting on that lotto win though. 🙂 I loved Warwick Castle when I spent the day there with my family in May 1994. It was utter magic. No castles in Australia. It’s just not the same.


    • I loved Warwick castle too… and I KNOW you’d love Bodiam as well! Win the Kindle Lotto and let’s meet in England! 😀


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