News from Japan

I interrupt my usual Friday Love-story with… for a good cause. Yesterday I finally received an e-mail from Masayo. She’s OK, but…

– their life completely changed after the earthquake of March 11. More quakes keep hitting the islands even if on smaller scale. Scary.

– she wasn’t hit by the tsunami, of course, but the nuclear plant disaster is the biggest and long term problem for all of them. As if Hiroshima and Nagasaki hadn’t been enough.

– they have power failure and the governments forbids to use electric power for 3 hours a day – that’s 3 hours with no computers, no lights, no fridge, no trains, and they worry about spending their hot summer without AC.

– after the earthquake they couldn’t buy food because most food factories were in the tsunami area.

Things are slowly getting better, but they still need help. Kristan here has a good list of things to do to help Japan. Or you can buy Barb&Masayo’s Stories, all earnings will go to her. I’ll also contribute a story to the anthology Stories for Sendai.

As for nuclear power, wake up world, and give up dangerous toys NOW! Will this lesson be enough? Only the future will tell… don’t read The world without us if you want to feel safe on this very unsafe planet.



  1. I’m so glad she’s (relatively speaking) okay!!


    • yes, I was very relieved to hear from her too… hopefully we’ll work together again some day! šŸ™‚


  2. I’m relieved for you for the news of your friend, Barb. And so appreciative of sharing more news of the tragedy that we cannot allow to leave our global consciences. The suffering there is as great as it was when the news first hit, maybe even greater in some ways. Thank you for the reminder and forwarding ways we can help.


  3. Glad she was unhurt. I’ve been watching the news off and on about the power plant (sadly, it is the only news I am following at all.) It’s all such a horrible mess.


  4. We’re supposed to vote for or against the nuclear power in June. Or maybe the government has already decided what to do about it. Anyway, we’re surrounded.
    And we’re still feeling the consequences of Chernobyl – do they really think we weren’t touched? Sometimes humans baffle me… šŸ˜¦


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