Saturday happiness and links

Happiness 1:  I finally got my envelope from Colleen Doran. Ordered back in January, mailed in March, it finally reached me like the perfect Easter Egg (I had no idea of what the package would include but “random issues”), with a little note from Colleen herself. Awe! Will have to send her a thank you note as soon as post offices reopen for business! Looky look! Ain’t it all wonderful?
I’ve been a fan of ADS since the 90s (the “new, revised, expanded INDIE edition”), so it was very interesting to get one of the original WaRP issues… I learned something I’m not sure I liked, but I’ll discuss it with Colleen only! 😉 I still have to watch the DVD (my to-be-watched is not going down much, but I have some reading to do, sigh! Hopefully in May, before I get to London… I digress). I even dislodged my muse’s portraits to make room for some pros.

Bedroom: Larry Elmore, Maurizio Manzieri, Scott Mc Cloud & Colleen Doran on the left, Terry Moore's SiP on the right of the door

Living room: Larry Elmore, Terry Moore and Donald Duck - eventually I'll have a drawing of D'mer to put in the place of my beloved nephew!

Happiness 2: Yesterday I was a guest on the Mighty Caricaturist blog, sharing my artistic self with her readers and giving sneak previews of graphic novels to come… The Mighty Caricaturist herself might show up on this blog in the near future, so stay tuned…

Now, to the links!

Blood-Red Pencil on writing what matters! I write to entertain (myself first, but I’m sure I’m not so unique that I can’t find like-minded readers), so let’s have fun together!

Agent Jessica Faust thinks Twitter needs interesting people! I’m sorry, Jessica, I don’t think Twitter is fun, so I’m not joining, so you’ll have to live without my wonderful humor! 😉 I also put back my self-portrait on my Facebook author page under her suggestion, so Air cover has been my profile picture for less than a month.

Clarion issued the Write-a-thon call. I’m not sure what this is, but I’m going to check it out. Just in case…

Go indie! Check the problems traditionally published authors have on Kristine Kathryn Rush’s excellent post. Do I need to mention she’s the wife of excellent Dean Wesley Smith who has wonderful series Killing the sacred cows of publishing and Think like a publisher? And that even Colleen Doran mentioned KK Rush’s articles? Wake up, writers! It’s not only J.A.Konrath saying it!

If you need help check the review of this book on indie publishing and follow the Self-published Author’s lounge for tips and advice and whatnot!

I’ll be going back to London soon, and I’m dreading it. Joshua Bilmes came back from the London Book Fair announcing others of my favorite shops will be closing soon (on England retailing – gives you another perspective of how things are going in Europe). I’ll have only Forbidden Planet to visit soon! 😦 Borders, where are you?

OK, if you want to give online presence to your characters (I can’t, I write fantasy, and they have never seen a computer in their life, so they wouldn’t know what that is! ;-)), check Mari Miniatt’s suggestions on how to do it.

Phew, I’m waaaay behind with this post (a couple of hours later than usual! ;-)), so I’ll just put it online. I wish you a Happy Easter!

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  1. Love your walls! I am glad you posted on my blog. Thanks:)
    Mighty? I wish 😦 but thanks for inspiring me…
    Warm Regards,


  2. Your walls look like mine (not the subjects, but the number of picture frames – i don’t have nearly as much tastiness going on! 😉 )



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