Daily prompt

I’m going to mix a few prompts today! 😀 First I wanna rant about how disappointed I am with Scott for his lame choices of topics… just kidding, Scott, you’re doing great! 😉

Except of course your suggestion #99 is totally lame for this specific blogger here, because I’m a writer! 😉 And a very prolific one, for that matter. And I lost count of the books I’ve written, and the genres explored, and I’d need to check my little neat notebook to answer that question! 😀 I have prepared a list of books to rewrite for indie publishing (about 5 novels + 1 short stories collection a year, and I’m “booked” up to 2016), and that’s only stories of Silvery Earth.

I want to finish that historical novel and maybe write another. I want to publish also some (very selected) sci-fi (one book per year). And maybe, eventually, I’ll even write that silly memoir I started and never went past the 1970s. I guess I’m pretty busy for the years to come! 😉

OK, let’s try with topic #100, Scott (today I’m really talking to you, as you’re the one who must come up with a topic every day – which isn’t something I could do, so I really admire you): I hate my phone (and it never rings anyway, haha! :-D), I don’t have a laptop nor an i-Pad (yet), and my desktop, with special thanks to Open Office and Telecom Italia, tends to die on its own (like, the whole of last weekend without access to my e-mail on Telecom Italia for overloaded servers… no comment!). BUT if power went off for a day, in spite of still doing lots of things by hand, I’d miss my desktop. I’d keep thinking that I should be typing that manuscript or coloring SKYBAND, not to mention research the silliest things on the internet and checking my 6 e-mail addies 5 times per afternoon (when I switch it on and before switching it off). But then, I miss my desktop even on vacation… it’s addictive, sigh!

I’ll end this post by pointing you all to Noobcake’s Story Bounce (thanks, Scott, for bringing it to our attention): contribute to a fun story in progress, where even WordPress guys contribute! Going to check it and see if I can add my sentence (which you’ll find out by the time this post goes live, as I’m writing two days in advance…)! 😀

Happy writing and blogging! 😉

UPDATE: I didn’t add anything to the Story Bounce, but I so loved the blog itself that I added it to the blogroll… 😉

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