Love-story with… Japan

When I jotted down a list of love stories, Japan was still doing fine. In the aftermath of last March events, I guess it’s time to share my love for a country so different in culture and language from Europe, that it’s still on my list of countries to visit ASAP.

It all started in 1978 with the anime invasion of Europe. Grendizer‘s pilot was my first love, baptized Actarus both in Italy and France (his real name being Daisuke, like I learned some 20 years later), and I followed any anime that would show up on Italian TVs and Antenne 2 (French national TV that could be seen in Rome up to 2005). Some I saw in both languages (including Grendizer, and I preferred the French dubbing to the Italian one, he was cooler! :-D), most in Italian. The last series I saw in the late 1980s were Cat’s eyes and Saint Seya.

To this add the TV series (spoof or Star Wars) Message from space: galactic battle, where I was in love with Ayato (or Hayato? That’s how they wrote him on the Italian DVD… and that’s why I wrote it with an ‘h’ in Air… I spelled it right in the late 1970 and not now? Ah, these foreign languages… ahem, whatever!). Doesn’t look bad today either, now that I’ve seen his face on IMDB… at the time he was 18 and absolutely gorgeous! 😉 And, wow, he’s now working with my muse… ahem! Sorry. Let me get back to Japan.

Then there was the manga invasion. Today I concentrate on a few authors (Ikegami, Hojo, Katsura and Miura), but I’ve read many, from Dragonball to shonen ai and shojo manga. I know a little more about the country today through (pen) friends and studies, but I still need to see the real deal. I really hope to visit one day, even if I know I’ll be Lost in translation… 😉

I had two Japanese pen pals, one is long lost, the other is Masayo I have already mentioned. And may I say my Muse is playing a half-blood Japanese (which isn’t hard for someone of Chino-Hawaiian origins… ;-)) in the Hollywood version of a Japanese historical event? (And he’s working with “Ayato”, yay! :-D). His Japanese co-stars were safely in Budapest when the earthquake and tsunami hit, but they must be very worried for their families…

Let’s hope the world dismantles ALL nuclear plants and starts using cleaner energy, more eco-friendly, such as winds or the sun…

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  1. I have a similar love, though my gateway cartoons were different. I love the art style, the story telling, and the fact the variations on themes that sometimes get old in western culture. Great post ^_^


    • I guess we got different things in Europe compared to the US! 😉 AND I’m probably older than you… 😀
      or should I do like you? ^_^ (I know the Japanese do different emoticons, but I’m not very familiar with all of them! °_°)


  2. Ah, anime. I’ve had my own love-affair with anime, over the years. We’re off right now (mostly because me and TV in general are off, but that’s another story), but someday I’m sure we’ll rekindle the flame.


    • I’m off too for your very same reason, but like you say… you never know! 😉


  3. Nikalee

     /  12/04/2011

    I love Japanese anime too though I’ve only really watched 2 series, “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and “Chobits”. Both very different from each other, but I’ve got both sets on DVD! Yay. 🙂



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