Indie Publishing Week 3

Middle of the week and already procrastinating. Daunted by the prospect of working on a web page (in spite of WordPress support) and learning that Saturday I’m free – so one more day to work – I decided to do some extra work. Well, not completely.

I uploaded Air on Lulu, and I have problems fitting the cover on the Lulu Cover Wizards. So I’ll have to adjust it with the help of the cover artist. Sigh.

Then yesterday it occurred to me that I’ve worked with a Japanese artist in the past, and I haven’t heard from her. I e-mailed her, but she didn’t reply. She never does. She drops me an e-mail for my b-day or around Christmas and then disappears again. She lives south of Tokyo, so the tsunami shouldn’t have hurt her place, but…

So, after seeing JC Martin launching an anthology for Japan (check her guidelines here), I decided to upload on Lulu a compendium of our works – it’s manga, of course. I wrote them, Masayo did the drawings.

Except I have all of them on paper – I had one saved on a back-up CD, but half of it isn’t readable… – so today I spent the day scanning and preparing the PDF for Lulu. As soon as I check the proof copy, it will be available on my Lulu store.

All earnings will go to her, or, if I fail to get in touch with her, to her country (I will go to the Japanese Embassy in Rome to ask where it’s more needed).

Here’s a preview of the cover images –Β  I did the coloring, so blame me if it’s not so good. I have some drawings she did in color, but not the mangas, as we didn’t have color covers back then.

A bloody story of vampires




  1. Very cool!

    I need to work on a book trailer one of these days. I’ve finally found all the stuff for it, LOL!


    • done mine yesterday with Windows Movie Maker (because it allows me to import single images). Found the music @ Kevin McLeod’s – 2 actually, now I’ll have to choose, waah! 😦 πŸ˜€
      I added your useful post to the useful links for writers… thanks again for sharing! πŸ˜‰


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