Links and introducing Indie Publishing Week

Wow, another week gone. Geez. So, lots of links this time. First guidelines (genre writers, I’m afraid).

Daily Science Fiction (and fantasy – mostly flash fiction, delivered daily to your inbox) – submission guidelines.

Angry Robot is open to unsolicited submissions (SF/F/H only) for this month only – you have another 10 days to check the guidelines and submit.

Writerly advice!

Literary Lab on one sentence about your book. The good and the bad.

Blood-Red Pencil about dealing with fear of criticism & rejection. I have no advice here, so please check them.

Other writer-related things!

Colleen Doran points to a Newspaper Guild call for strike against Huffington Post – and how being featured there hasn’t really helped her.

Blood-Red Pencil again about Days of Kindle. On the same topic, Nathan Bransford on Amanda Hocking and more Kindle thoughts. It’s been months since I visited Nathan’s blog, but these were mentioned in Rachelle Gardner’s posts about publishing myths part 1, part 2 and part 3

Smashwords on DRM – noticed the neat new badge on my sidebar? 😉

On INDIE publishing in the words of

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Ruth Ann Nordin at Self-published author’s lounge.

Yours truly will entertain you on the topic the whole of next week, as I’ve taken if off Day Job to concentrate on the production of Books of the Immortals – Air. I’d post my schedule now, but maybe it’s better at the end of next week, to check if I’ve done everything and in the order I’ve written it! 😉 Just know it’s handwritten… maybe I’ll scan it during next week, if I have a very short post! 😀

As I will also be working on a web page, in the meantime I thought I’d update the blog in a more professional way, as suggested by good Michelle in her post about 5 basic things every writer’s blog should have. It’s a little late to change the blog title, but did you notice the differences?

Final link – if you’d like to see me making a fool of myself, just hop off to Shafali’s blog, where she did the caricature of my Muse… Some day I’ll have to discover who HER muse is and present her with a drawing! 😉

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’ll leave it you to discover:) But thanks for helping me discover Keanu.


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