Love-story with… reading

Here’s the postponed love-story that should have come out last week, slightly edited to adjust to this week’s events.

I thought I could talk about my relationship with reading. I don’t think I ever was an avid reader like my sister – too lazy! But I did read a lot, both comic books and novels.

In Switzerland there was a “bibliobus” (two, actually, one for adults and one for children) that came every week to our village. My parents always filled the house with books, although not many were fiction.

Being forced to read some classic at school kind of turned me off reading, but then I discovered adult comic books. Then genre novels (mostly fantasy, starting with Dragonlance). Then historical research. For years I read mostly comic books and magazines, but now I’m definitely back to fiction reading.

I don’t read a book a day, last year I read less than 50 books, but that felt a lot compared to my past average. Either research or entertaining fiction, I’d rather read after dinner instead of watching a movie, lately. My poor TV must hate me as my DVDs gather dust on their shelves.

Like for screenplays, I read the good and the bad. This helps me in my writing, as I know which mistakes to avoid. I have a clearer idea of what style is acceptable and what isn’t. And I’m still catching up on classics, which are written differently from contemporary authors.

Last year I read Ramona after reading about it on June’s blog. I sometimes understand better 19th century English, but I chuckled every time I read some dialog tags in that novel.  Now today the word has nothing to do with sex, but the author used “he ejaculated” instead of “exclaimed”, so imagine my hilarity when SHE did it. Ahem, well, Olde English it was! 😉 And I’m not sure I like the modern “he said she said” limit…

I look forward to getting back to reading fiction. As I don’t have an e-reader yet, I might order some paper books (especially signed copies! ;-)), the rest will be PDF downloads – which is good for my book shelves. How do you sign an e-book, by the way? Sooo glad books sigings are over in the e-book era, haha! 😀

As for my own works, they’ll come out as e-book first, but I will always do a printed version for my records – I have made a little shelf with boxes for my babies, and I want to fill it! 😉 Happy reading!

shelves for my babies - the pandas and DVDs must GO!

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  1. ajay

     /  18/03/2011

    I can see a DVD of Inception – one of the best movies I’ve seen. 🙂 Watch Nolan’s The Prestige, if you liked this one.


    • I still have to watch Inception (that’s the “to watch” pile), and I already own The Prestige… saw it in theaters! 😀


  2. Viv

     /  18/03/2011

    I read less these days than I did. I’ve got to a point of frustration and boredom with the majority of what is on the market and have covered a vast section of the classics.
    I am hoping to get a Kindle for my birthday (tomorrow) and will probably fill it first with free classics I’ve either never read or have not read for years.
    Incidentally, OLDE English is classed as a different language, and while some archaic sounding literature may seem as if it is OLDE, it’s still classed as modern English from Shakespeare onwards.


    • Happy b-day for tomorrow! 😀
      I know, I know, I mis-used English again… You’re totally right, Olde English is for the Anglo Norman… guess I was stuck with my historical research! 🙂


  3. Viv

     /  18/03/2011

    No worries. I hesitate to offer, but then, if no one says, you can’t know. I ask my French friends to correct my French.
    and thanks for the birthday wishes. I have no special plans, probably going to Norwich as my daughter has a tutorial, so we’ll go and have a coffee and a wander round while she studies. She’s on her final year of her History degree and I like her to get to tutorials when she can. Norwich is much better as it’s only a 35 minute drive where Cambridge is over and hour and a half.


    • Absolutely, I’m always willing to learn new things, especially in English! 🙂
      Some day I’ll have to visit that part of England… I’m sorely lacking in English tours, mostly I stick to London or castles close enough to visit in a day from there! 😦


  4. Hi Barb,

    Those pandas look comfy sitting there…do you really have to move them 😦

    I bought an iPad last week and I’ve downloaded some books to read. I read a couple of stories and I think it’d be easy getting used to reading eBooks. They are very convenient:)

    BTW, 50 books in one year is quite a record. I must never have gone beyond 20.



    • you haven’t seen the boxes of books my beta-reader from the Rome Regulars gives to our Paulist priest for charity every month… and she has read them all… I know people who read much more than myself, but also people who read much less! 😉
      The pandas are the small ones… I have a huge one in my guests room, I call it my flatmate – and he’ll have to go too as soon as my nephew ignores him whenever he comes to visit! 🙂


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