More links and a new upload!

Published 15/03/2011 by Barb

Busy weekend and Monday afternoon with all the Six Sentence Sunday snippets to read and those pro-blogs to check. Here’s the list of posts worth checking!

Amanda Hocking in her own words and as seen by Jim C.Hines.

Books&Such agents give advice on self-publishing – and it’s not that bad! 😉

Dean Wesley Smith is starting a new series to teach us indie writers too think like a publisher. I will follow it eagerly (even if some things won’t apply to me as I’m not American, meh! :-()! 😀

Finally Self-Published Author’s Lounge on writers personalities. I didn’t watch the videos, but I know I’m Miss Melancholy (I even wrote a story with that title… I even had a young friend doing the shojo manga version more than ten years ago…).

Last suggestion came from David Farland – he mentioned Dramatica. So for all you Plotters out there, check this Writer’s Companion (the link goes to where you can download the comic book of how it works). If you’re a Pantser like me, you won’t need it! 😉

Now let me announce the new upload on Smashwords, a short story that is a prequel to the upcoming Books of the Immortals – AIR (which I just got back from my editor, hopefully I will be able to put it out there at the beginning of April – next week I’m meeting with the artist for the cover). BUT it’s also my attempt at erotica, so don’t read if it offends it! 😉 In this story sex is only for lust, and love has nothing to do with it… and it’s a sad story… Maybe I’ll put six sentences up sometime. It’s a short story, so it’s free. Download your copy of Tarun, if you don’t mind the sex.

p.s. This post was written yesterday afternoon. Two hours before going live, I checked my Smashwords – Tarun is the most downloaded of my short stories! Over 100 download in less than 24 hours! It took a week for Starblazer to reach that number (and Jessamine is barely halfway there)! I guess erotica has a lot of followers after all… but I’m afraid it’s NOT my main genre! 😦


2 comments on “More links and a new upload!

    • well, I use it in the meaning of #2, that’s where I heard it anyway – the difference between plotter writers and pantser writers… 🙂 It’s obviously an American thing and most American writers/agents/publishers would understand it in its second meaning, considering the context of my writing…
      But thank you for the tip! 😀


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