Saturday links

Published 05/03/2011 by Barb

February is gone, the shortest month of the year… but I found many interesting posts this week, so let’s get down to business!

Dean Wesley Smith on the history of novel length and what is expected in the new world of publishing! Personally, I struggled to bring my novels to 90.000words, so I’m very happy I can now indie-publish and write as long (or as short) as I want! 😀 He also gives e-book pricing suggestions that absolutely match my idea (price according to length)…

Joe Konrath explain how to monetize on your properties, by doing multiple e-editions etc.

Agent Rachelle Gardner is very reassuring for those writers afraid to hit “send”. Don’t be afraid, believe in yourself, and you’ll be all right! 🙂

Rights of Writers has an extensive post on Publishing Agreements – the good, the bad, the ugly, anything, really! May I say that legalese is one of the things that pushed me toward self-publishing, so I don’t have to sign any of those ever? 😉 But I’ve added Keep Your Copyrights to the Useful Links For Writers, just in case…

Clarion has a guest post about… fan mail! Check it, it’s really also for unpublished authors! 😉

I found the Wicked Writers, and suggest you check their week’s posts on motivation… Then switch off the internet and go back to writing! 🙂

Michelle Davidson Argyle mentions the loneliness of self-publishing. That doesn’t scare me, I’m used to it. 😀

Literary Lab asks if your fiction has a comfort zone… and Cat Woods shows us how NOT to be passive – which I still will not apply to my passive co-protagonist in Water! 😉

Happy writing and have a great weekend!


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