Spam and DailyPost Prompts

We all get Spam. Akismet (on WordPress, dunno about other blogging platforms) does a very good job at stopping them, but sometimes you have to adjust manually –  a spam-pingback requesting approval or a real comment with two links that goes in the spam folder. Nobody (and nothing) is perfect, right? But when I saw this one:

Hey fellow author! I wanted to leave you a note letting you know that I came back to your blog. I noticed you have not put up anything new in a while. Perhaps I can provide you the motivation of a committed reader. :)
Anyways, I hope you signed up as a writer by using the link in my earlier message and are making some extra cash. I want to share yet another secret with you. I utilize a script that is actually getting me near to $1000 every week. That is on top of my writing pastime. Here is the website, if you happen to be curious.

I knew immediately it was spam and should stay in the spam folder! 😀 I post every day and this guy says I haven’t put up anything new in a while? You’ve got the wrong blog, man! 😉 And besides, I don’t blog to make money, I write hoping to make money with my fiction soon, but not by blogging. Blogging is… a journal of how I get there, at least for me.

Now, to the writing prompts from those good guys at WordPress. From the Weekly Digest I decided to pick up the question:

If you could go back in time and have a 5 minute conversation with yourself ten years ago, what would you say?

As a recap: 2001 was the last year of life of the Italian Lire, as the next year we got the Euro. Some stupid law also wanted to outlaw fanzines in Italy – and I was still issuing my comics in photocopied booklets to my 10 readers I usually met at comicons. I wrote my very first screenplays in English. And I did my very first writing workshop/retreat. So what I could tell myself is this:

You received a detailed and personalized rejection letter from an Italian publisher who is pointing you in a brand new, unexpected direction. After all, you have a visual imagination, you always say you write down the movies playing in your head (hence the omniscient narrator, but I’ll get back to that in a minute). So go for it, write a screenplay. Or two. Or ten, try to get into Hollywood. Follow a couple of writers workshops. Learn some theory behind the practice – you can’t break rules if you don’t know them. Learn the different POV (deep penetration or not). Keep writing. Eventually you’ll be confident enough to go back to prose in a language that is not your mother tongue and will be able to self-publish with a technology you can only dream of at this time. Like they say on Galaxy Quest: “Never give up, never surrender.”

Barb 2001

And so, here I am ten year later, blogging (I didn’t even know what a blog was back then), uploading stuff on POD and e-publishing platforms, making career plans, choosing more pseudonyms to write in different genres (not all, but definitely 3) and ready to conquer my readers, now that I can reach them all over the world without relaying on snail mail…

I don’t like ending posts with questions (I don’t care if the Perfect Blogger should do so, I’m a rebel writer! ;-)), but feel free to comment with your own answers to that question…

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  1. Viv

     /  16/02/2011

    Oh God, to go back ten years??
    I don’t know if I would spare myself the last ten years if I could, to be honest. And as for telling myself anything?
    I did once go back more than twenty years, in aa very strange OUt of Body experience. I’d probably tell myself again what I told myself then: it does get better, you will find a way.


    • Indeed, although it feels like free-fall when it’s happening… and also neverending. But things DO get better, if you keep the faith! 🙂


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