Love-story with… TV

Because I’ve seen in the weekly digest of the Daily Post guys the suggested topic of reality shows, I thought I’d dedicate today’s love-story to TV. That’s another finished love-story, actually. It had become an addiction, so I got rid of it! 😀 Anyway, here’s how it went.

It started in black and white, of course, but was like this for way longer that it could have. My parents were (and still are) sort of technophobes: our first VCR arrived in 1987 as a gift (because they’d never buy it), the first color TV only when we moved back to Italy in 1978. Then I discovered that all those great TV series I had been following (Space 1999, Charlie’s Angels, Little House in the Prairie, Maya…) were actually in color! Wow! Until then, if I wanted to see something in color I had to go to a movie theater! Wonders never cease…

First there was the invasion of Japanese anime such as Grendizer (my first love!), then all those Brit and US TV series – mostly of the 1970s, but we were way behind back then – and I got hooked! CHiPs, Starsky&Hutch, Arthur of the Britons, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek original series and so on. I remember even a season of Dr Who with Tom Backer and his rainbow scarf! All the 80s were filled with TV series (21 Jump Street, anyone? ;-)), then I probably overdosed. By the early 90s (second season of Beverly Hills) I had enough and cut TV. I kept watching music channels (we had Videomusic from 1984 to the early 90s, then MTV Europe) for another ten years, then quit altogether.

who needs to watch TV when one has so many DVDs?

Since then, 2-part TV movies and max. 6-parts mini-series were all I could watch on the small screen (which got bigger, BTW. Now I have a 32″ flat screen and I started with a 14″…). So imagine my dismay when an Italian publisher in its rejection letter (my one and only, as the others didn’t bother to reply…) suggested I write for TV! Hence the screenwriting venture, in feature movies: I had no idea of what was broadcast at the time on any TV. At one Screenwriting Expo I was shown a bit of Dexter‘s season 1 finale and was intrigued enough to check the whole season. And there I stopped, even if I enjoyed it.

So, here I am in the 21st century, switching on my TV set only to watch DVDs of movies. I’ve never watched a reality show (BTW, did you know they sprang up from the big 1986 screenwriters’ strike?), I’ve never seen Lost nor any other TV series (although I know what they’re about because I’ve read enough Creative Screenwriting and Script Magazine issues to know what’s out there), I’m fine with the original Battlestar Galactica (you don’t need to tell me how good the remake is, I don’t have time to watch it, sorry) and happy to remember Sarah Jessica Parker for her Footloose performance and Kim Catrall in Big trouble in Little China instead of Sex and the City! 😀

Sometimes those old TV series feel still fresh (hence all the movies and remakes…), sometimes, seen 20 or more years later, they look weird, like Uchu Kara No Message – Ginga Taisen (a Japanese spoof of Star Wars from 1978), but I guess they’re still in my heart, like past lovers.

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