Saturday links and why I’m not querying

I’m not going to query because I had enough with screenplays, haha! Just kidding, I’m not querying because:

1) I think Dean Wesley Smith’s vision of the future of Novel Submissions is quite right. And I want to avoid to become a mid-list author, with all the mistakes I could do (check Dean’s wife, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, on the subject. That couple of professional writers is really an eye-opener! ;-))

2) Joe Konrath’s story is also very illuminating – I admit it, I thought he was published traditionally in the last century. But no, he started in 2004 and has become the Kindle sensation he is now in two years. And all the guest posts he’s showcasing show he’s not the only one (and he’s scolding mid-list authors‘ choices too…) – therefore, it can be done.

3) I’m a prolific writer. I can’t wait for the timing on traditional publishing. I’d rather put it all out in e-book form, and then maybe a traditional publisher will come-a-callin’  and maybe, like Amanda Hocking, I’ll refuse the offer! 😉  And it can’t be too hard to build a platform, when you don’t aim at 1million fans! 😉

4) I’ve been writing long enough to be aware of my voice and what stories I want to tell. I might still need a copy-editor after the language switch, but that’s all. Now I only have to find a group of fast beta-readers for the Books of the Immortals, and I’ll start putting them all on Smashwords. I’m considering joining YouWriteOn, but maybe I’ll wait until I finish the first draft of the historical – I’m OK with reviewing other people’s writing in return for critique of mine, but I have so much to read during the historical writing, I fear I won’t be able to add much else. I’m hoping to jot down that first draft by the end of February, March at the latest. Should give me time to have the other four Books of the Immortals critiqued (Air is already at copy-editing, as soon as I get it back, I’m going to issue it. Unfortunately the editing will take 2 to 3 months… so I’m hoping for a March release, but can’t count on it, yet!).

5) I love writing stories, not query letters or book blurbs! 😉 Which means for the latter I’ll have to find help, or publishing would be useless… OK, I have a couple of months to think about it!

Now to more links, I have found 3 writerly advices this week.

On Clarion Blog there is a list of Five things I learned at Clarion in two parts. Even if Clarion is sci-fi/fantasy oriented, some of that advice is valid for every kind of fiction, so check what the alumni have to say.

Krista makes a great post about narrative summary vs scenes comparing prose to screenplays. I couldn’t have explained it better, so check her explanation.

And finally the Literary Lab talks about Sideshadowing. Never heard of it? Neither had I, until I read that post! 😉

Have a great, creative weekend!

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