Saturday links and comments

Another week is already gone! Isn’t time flying? Mid-January already and I feel like I’m waaaay behind my self-imposed schedule. Sigh. I have to limit blog reading to once a week, or I wouldn’t have time to read anything else. So here’s what I found this week in Blogland.

Michelle’s series about small publishers is worth a reading and a thought. Even if I don’t think a small publisher would take on my fantasy stories, I might consider them for the sci-fi romance or other titles NOT based in Silvery Earth (I do have a couple of futuristic worlds, although I’m afraid my sci-fi is very “fi” and not enough “sci”…). Please check part 1, part 2, part 3part 4, part 5, with interviews to small publishers, authors and whatnot.

A reminder: Emily White has a thing called Goober Writers Anonymous (see that badge on my sidebar?) and she’s still looking for more submissions. Check her desperate call for entries and join the club. I might send her another post myself as soon as I stumble in self-publishing! 😉

Blood Red Pencil suggests a change of course for 2011… which is what I wanted to do before reading the post! Step out of your comfort zone! Dare to be bad! Or excellent! You don’t know until you try… 😉

Clarion Foundation gives their blog preview for the year to come. If you write genre, you should check them (if you don’t already), their posts are always very informative for world-creation and other interesting stuff.

A horror story of an author and Hollywood here. One more reason to be happy to have given up screenwriting, but also a cautionary tale for a fantasy writer who has created her own world…

And finally Agent Jessica Faust on NANO and what’s next! As I’m not a fan of NaNoWriMo, I’m totally behind her with that! 😉

Have a great writing weekend!


  1. Goober sounds interesting.

    Barb maybe this will help in a different way to plan/get-back-to your writing projects



    • thanks! 😉 I normally update my priority list throughout the year anyway… adjusting to whatever comes my way!


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