weekend trip

Last Friday I hopped on a train to get my latest treasure, original art by Terry Moore. Except that my printer broke, and not only does it refuse to print, but it even refuses to scan. Therefore I took a very bad picture of it, because today I came back after sunset, so had to take it as is. Awful, I know, when I can I’ll scan it properly and show it again. Here’s my beloved David from Strangers in Paradise by the very hand of his author:

David - Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore

I also got a lot of rain (apparently Piemonte is just like Wales, haha! ;-)), but this time I even caught a rainbow on camera, see?

rainbow over Liguria

Blog Jog Day is almost over. I’ll leave the post sticky for a few more hours. Then I’ll head to Random.org and draw a winner… you have a few more hours to comment to be entered! Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner.

Happy blog jogging!

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  1. Barb, that pic of the rainbow and lovely! It’s worth the rain for sights like that. And David is cute too. I’ll look forward to seeing the scanned version.




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