Babysitting & languages

Tuesday I picked up my almost-6-year-old nephew from school. At first he didn’t want to come with me because he saw granny )I told mum maybe it was better if he didn’t see her, but well… apparently he was upset anyway), but eventually I convinced him by telling him we could play on the computer (granny doesn’t have games on her laptop, nor has she internet access, haha!).

We spent over an hour on PBS Kids, adding tracks to a train route (which was supposed to teach  him to add numbers, but I guess it’s early. He can count, but can’t add) and looking for hidden treasures with Clifford and his friends. That game had a talking voice giving instructions – in English of course (which was a good exercise also for me, haha). So he learned a few new words (he has done some English at school before) and enjoyed watching the dogs dig for treasures. I had to use the mouse for him, but I’m sure he’ll soon be savvier than me (his dad is a computer geek, after all! ;-)).

Then he wanted to play with The Box (where I keep all the surprises of the Kinder eggs I eat – I so love that chocolate, I don’t care if they say it’s not real chocolate, it is for me, yum! :-D) and as I switched off the PC he said:

“Were they talking in French?”

Me: “No, that was English. English is spoken in America, England and Australia, French is spoken in France, where your daddy was born.”

Him (puzzled): “No, no…”

Me: “Yes, your daddy was born in France.”

Him: “But now he speaks Italian.”

Me: “Of course, but if he goes back to France, he still understands French.”

He didn’t look convinced, sigh. I sure hope I can soon take him to Paris with his daddy and show him the Eiffel Tower that saw my borther’s birth (we lived by the Champs de Mars). How he confused French with English I have no idea, though… 😮

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  1. I can see how much you love spending time with him. Maybe you can use your skills as a storyteller to get him to voluntarily come with you next time. Jez is an awesome character to talk about 🙂


  2. It sounds like you had a fun day. Kids at that age can be entertaining.

    I envy anyone who can speak/understand more than one language. I took 2 years of Spanish in college, but I only remember the naughty words (and I learned those waitressing – not in class!) Oh well…



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