Letter of intent

I’ve been wondering what is success as a writer for me. After a year of blogging, I probably changed my mind a hundred times about what I wanted from my writing! 😉 so I’ll try to write my letter of intent like Smander suggested and did.

Dear Reader

My name is Barbara (a.k.a. Barb) and I’m a writer. A compulsive writer. I have dozensa of stories to tell, mostly fantasy, but you know what? I’m loving my historical research so much I want to become an historical novelist as well. Because I think humans haven’t changed throughout the centuries – not yet. I might tackle some sci-fi and tell you how I see the world after 2012, but that’s for the future. Or sometime next year when I’m done with my historical masterpiece.

I am dedicated to my craft, my world(s) and my characters, so much that I decided to write in another language. But I know I still have to learn,  viewpoints and five-senses writing are my weak spot at the moment. I will work on it through blogging, writers forum(s) and other online venues – unless I manage to move to an English-spearking country (not in the near future, I’m afraid).

I know one day I will be a huge success, which for me means 5000 faithful readers who love the same stories that I do. It’s not to unrealistit to try to find 5000 like-minded people in a population of 6billions+, right?

In order to achieve this I will:

– write the best stories I can

– give them to a handful of beta-readers

– edit according to what was unclear to most, ignoring the single comments who might be that  specific reader’s perception

– look for a copy-editor for grammar and typos

– trust my instincts and remember I can’t please everybody

– not write for the market, but what I want to write/read

– put the story out there. Please remember that writers need cheerleaders too.

So, dear reader, if you’re an adult who still likes to dream, isn’t offended by “different” morals or religions and are interested in exploring relationships and human interactions, please check this author unboxed – I’m afraid I can’t fit in any box, sorry. Therefore I’ll probably have to self-publish, eventually.

Thank you for reading

Your Creative Author

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  1. Guess there’s something about boxes and labels that’s been going around:) You are unboxed Barb – even your skills and your blog is unboxed.

    I wish you the best for your stories and your books. I hope you find a publisher who believes in your writing and that your dream comes true.

    Warm Regards,


    • And I will not let anyone box me anywhere! 😀
      Thank you, Shafali, I might end up being my own publisher, but who cares? 😉 I’ll have my beloved readers to cheer me on…


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