Book review: Cinders

CINDERS by Michelle Davisdon Argyle

Don’t you love this cover? And the sentence? Since I stopped believing Prince Charming actually exists, I’ve become a little biased with fairy tales… but this fairy tale revisited, or better, fairy tale sequel was just great. The happily ever after is, well, a fairy tale. So I enjoyed this dark and adult tale that left me with a lump in my throat, i.e. very close to tears, which doesn’t happen very often to me lately.

I read in the blog tour about the symbols used in this tale, but I admit I didn’t notice them – too busy enjoying the story, maybe at a second read I’ll look for them.

The references to the fairy tale made me want to read the original to see what was made up and what was actually already there (like everybody else, I’ve read the children’s version of Cinderella). So now I’m hopping to Wikipedia and see if I can find the original texts. BTW this novel should be added to the Wikipedia entry! 🙂

Highly recommended to adults who still like dark fairy tales. Hope to interview the author soon, but I already mentioned her in previous posts.

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  1. ladyglamis

     /  06/10/2010

    I must admit that Cinders is best experienced on a second reading. 🙂 Thank you for your review, Barbara! I need to get that interview back to you. Curse my busy-ness!


    • I will read it again, Michelle – when my TBR pile goes down a little! 😀 And I’ll re-read also the post on symbols, so I’ll make sure to get them this time! 😉 I’m not very good at reading subtexts… *blush*


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