Story Wednesday

Yes, it’s Story Wednesday, but before you hop off to Serial Central, please check Nathan Bransford’s post on dreams and expectations. I’ve been thinking about what I want from my writing myself, lately, suffering from slight writer burnout because of all these contrasting things on the internet that temporarily confused me. I believe there’s an overload of information on the internet, and it’s harder and harder to figure out what is best for each writer. I used to write on impulse. I’ve learned to control my writing a little better, but sometimes I feel I’m trying to please too many people and forgetting my vision. I should remember what indie author Ruth Ann Nodin says about readers. After all, it is one of the reasons why I quit screenwriting, too many voices and input that would end up changing my original vision and turn the screenplay in a movie I won’t recognize. I can keep more control on a novel, but I do need an editor for some basic stuff.

As soon as the editor and currently submitted agents say no, the manuscript goes to a copyeditor (yes, editors need editors), and then to publication. Ray Rhamey – Writer Unboxed

I’ll start my final rewrite on Air as soon as my beta-readers get back to me. I might even try to send the first 30 pages to a contest. And post it on David Farland’s writers forum – the group is still forming, but they all look nice.

I’ll also put out Jessamine on Smashwords – edited – when complete, so please feel free to leave your comments! Hop off to Serial Central for the next installment…

Happy reading!



  1. Viv

     /  22/09/2010

    Its a bit like a jungle out there; one lot of people telling you one thing and another group telling you something totally the opposite.
    The only person you should really listen to is yourself; after all, it is about you.


    • indeed, but if 4 people out of 5 think something is confusing or not expanded enough, I must give it a thought… if it’s just one person’s POV, I’ll probably ignore it! 😉
      Thanks, I’m bouncing back also thanks to people like you! 🙂


  2. Viv

     /  22/09/2010

    Lao Tzu said something to the effect that when everyone deems something good, then it becomes an evil. I think the same about anything that is currently popular, asking why why why all the time. Things that are BIG create their own sort of gravity that sucks everything in and makes it even bigger; this goes for literature as well as Stars and black holes. Witness the massive popularity of things like Twilight; when you analyse it, it seems improbable that it should have created such a following. Literature seems to follow certain astrophysical phenomenon; once something has reached a certain critical mass, there is nothing to stop it going nova. Likewise, the event horizon: there is surely a point also when a writer’s fame becomes inevitable(whether deserved or not0
    In terms of what is on the page, then yes, if several people bring up the same point(of something being unclear even after they have read the whole piece) then yes, it needs clarifying. But your vision is yours and yours alone; fight to keep it so.


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