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I’m almost done with catching up with all those great blogs out there, and still resolved to do my blog-reading once or twice the week, to reduce “waste of time” (something fun isn’t really a waste of time, but it does take away time from other tasks such as… erm… writing!). Most of these links are quite old in blogging terms, though, as they came out while I was away, But I thought they were worth sharing anyway.

First I’m happy to announce that my Serial Central friend Miss Rosemary is now on my side of the pond! She blogs on her life in London, England in her new blog. Still have to check that one, but then, London is almost a second home for me! 😉 Hopefully I’ll meet her sometime before the end of the year – if no Icelandic volcano locks English skies again, that is! 😀

Now, to the links:

Reader requests on BloodRed Pencil – very interesting indeed. Should pin that… wait, I don’t write at a desk. Oh, well, I’ll try to remember those things whenever I get to write something new…

On having a day job at the Clarion foundation blog – I have a day job, and I’m totally behind the author of this post! 😉 Yes, I hate the day job and wish I could quit tomorrow, but I won’t quit until I’m sure I can live on my writing – which unfortunately won’t be anytime soon, but more on that in another post.

On multi-tasking from my favorite author Colleen Doran (she writes her own stuff! And she’s a much better artist than I’ll ever been! And she’ll finish A distant soil eventually!) – I’ve tried multi-tasking, but I’m better when I make priority lists and do one thing at the time.

On rewrites by Dean Wesley Smith – FYI, I’m one of the Rewriters types. And sometimes rewriting has screwed up the original idea. And sometimes the original file was lost. So sometimes I should remember to stick to my first polished draft, just in case.  After all, not even the pros or best-sellers have only fans. You can’t please every single reader on the planet. So Dean Wesley Smith is right, go with your guts.

Dean pointed also on the story of the 19-year-old and her three agents (yes, 19! Yes, 3 agents!). Go check her story: part 1, part 2 and part 3. He also linked to why this is a good time to be a fiction writer according to Scott William Carter and what writers need according to Yorkwriters.

Last but not least agent  Rachelle Gardner on writing book reviews – seems like I’ve been following her advice anyway, but I thought it would be worth sharing her words of wisdom.

I guess that’s all for today!

Happy writing and blogging!

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  1. Thank you for all the great links. I know what you mean about blogging though. It can take up a lot of time.


  2. Miss Rosemary

     /  15/09/2010

    I do hope we can get together!!! It would be a great deal of fun


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