Story Wednesday

Before pointing you to Serial Central for the next episode of Jessamine, I will have another thought or two from my two-weeks vacation. That’s because I didn’t have time to catch up on the other blogs yet, so I don’t have anything to comment on, except this article, and these excellent words of wisdom:

You blog every single day. How do you keep your ideas fresh for your readers?
l don’t buy that the people don’t have enough ideas. It is hard for me to imagine how someone can go through the whole day and have talker’s block, I have never met anyone who woke up in the morning and had so little to say they were mute until they went to bed that night. People don’t get talker’s block, so why do we get writer’s block? We get writer’s block ’cause we are afraid, it’s easy to talk because you can deny it later and it disappears, but once you write it down, that’s when the fear comes from. That’s where you say I don’t have any good ideas and all I do is write like I talk. If I have something interesting to say, I say it and then I write it down, it’s not that hard. I think that the art here is in chopping down the wall, the barrier between what you want to say and what you are afraid of, and letting people hear your best stuff.

Dear Mr.Godin, I’m totally behind you (although I could spend a day or two without talking – I live alone, so if I don’t go out I don’t have to talk, haha!). I know that the first posts were short because of the supposedly short attention-span of internet surfers, but I guess I have more to say now, so I’ll go back to my longer daily post posts.

I forgot to mention another September project – the preparation of the Happiness is… booklet, with the first 50something vignettes and “subtitles” in Italian and French. First I have to color and letter the last few I’ve come up with, or September will be sort of incomplete, though! 😉

I’ll go with Lulu again, as they’re the easiest to use for color publications and international shipping, the format will have to be the usual A5 I used for all my publications (except the Artbook) so far. So hopefully next month the Happiness is… book will be available – definitely in time for Christmas, just in case you want to give it as a gift to somebody! 😉

Now hop off to Serial Central for another bite of Jessamine! Happy reading!


  1. I like the idea of not getting talkers block. Then again, I have to wonder how much of what I say is worth hearing.

    Thanks for sharing this thought and good luck with your Happiness is booklet.


    • that’s one of the reasons why I’d rather write than talk! 😉
      Thanks for the wishes…


  2. Ideas are always around- its a matter of listening or plucking them out from the ether


    • … and writing them in an original manner or with our own personal touch/twist! 😉


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