Story Wednesday

Because I’m still with limited access, I’m treating you with short posts – that’s because on Be The Media they recommended to make them short. Daily, but short! 😉

I will go back to normal posting next week (i.e. sometimes long, sometimes short, depends on what strikes me! ;-)). I’ll have probably plenty to say after I catch up with all your wonderful blogs out there.

BUT it’s Story Wednesday, so just hop by Serial Central to read the second episode of Jessamine… yes, we’re still on the comic book version (although you can’t see it in the preview), but soon it will be all unexplored territory! 😉

Happy reading! 😀



  1. Short posts…hmm!
    I see their point, Barb Ji.
    Hope you resume your regular post-schedule soon.
    – Gorakh Nath.


    • Stay tuned! I’ve prepared something for the coming week (I guess that’s what vacations are for! ;-))


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