Passione d’Amore


This is a twin-post with Fly-High!

Jean-Louis Trintignant

Today is a national holiday in Italy (famous “Ferragosto”), therefore I’ll pretend it’s NOT Sunday and treat you to an extra post – a movie review.

I mentioned a few days ago about “Passione d’amore” – the title means “Love passion”, and the DVD is labeled… comedy! 😦 Obviously it isn’t funny at all, it’s an old-fashioned melodrama based on a novella by Iginio Ugo Tarchetti, Fosca (1869),  that you can find reviewed in the twin post.

It’s a period movie set in the second half of 1800, when the Kingdom of Italy was still young (yeah, can you believe we had a king? Not for long, though, the “Regno d’Italia” lasted 1861-1946). Officer Giorgio Brachetti has just found love with a beautiful married woman, when he’s transferred to a mountain outpost where the only woman is very ugly Fosca, who immediately obsesses over the gorgeous and sensitive officer. You can easily guess there is no happy ending here.

Laura Antonelli & Bernard Giraudeau

Bernard Giraudeau is at his most handsome with Laura Antonelli as Clara and Valeria d’Obici as ugly Fosca. The cast is a mix of French and Italian actors (some of them famous in their younger years, like Massimo Girotti and Jean-Louis Trintignant) who seem perfect for this 19th century re-enactment drama by Ettore Scola, one of our most famous directors.

Now please go check the review of the book this movie is adapted from – I hope to read it too real soon, but in the meantime go to Fly High!

p.s. I’ve just been awarded with another Lovely Blog award… if you’re reading this and would love to have it, please take it and pass it on. The rules are here – I’ve already done it, so I won’t repeat them!

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