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So, I joined Tessa’s blog hop. Apparently WordPress users have problems with the code, so we can’t have that neat list on our blog. I added it in the sidebar for quick re-use (it’s simply a link to the original blog, the best I could do). Apparently Blogger and WordPress aren’t 100% compatible. But I won’t spend any words on why I chose WordPress when I started my blog! 😉

I hope this helps bloggers from both services to meet and greet! I’ve seen some WordPress friends showing up on the list (hello, Viv!), hopefully more will join…

So, my blogroll is getting longer and longer. Here’s a sort of best of I found on those blogs.

Better blog-fiend at Bekah’s (actually a link from Roh‘s blog, she’s not on the blog hop)

How to use Query Tracker (suggested also by Mickey) by Charity of My Writing Journey – very useful for my summer research before I start querying! 😉 She also gives interesting links for bloggers&writers.

At least two of those bloggers fear Twitter as much as me… Mesmerix and Rosie – although Rosie seems to have started Tweeting too. Somewhere I read that each writer should network according to his/her inclination and at the moment Twitter is not on my priority list… What are your thoughts on the topic?

I also found a kindred writing soul in Elspeth Cooper (a.k.a. Ellie on my blogroll, hope she forgives me) because she’s exactly the sort of writer that I am. Here’s her why I write and why she often have male characters in her books (so do I).

Then I found Michelle Davidson Argyle who has a book out soon (an interesting take on Cinderella, apparently) and make sure to check also the review at Welcome to the Asylum. I’m putting Cinders on the to-buy list and adding Michelle’s blog to my blogroll.

Also for those of you who might be interested, at Iggy & Gabi they’re doing a DIY MFA in September – go check them!

Last but not least I’ve added Mari Miniatt to the blogroll after enjoying her piece on writing fan fiction (something I haven’t done much myself, so I’m totally with her).

Than I found on Olivia’s blog this interesting post on formatting from a Lit Agent… will add her as well! 🙂

More people keep joining this Blog Hop, so I might update this post (or do another) in a week or two…

Happy blogging!


  1. Your blog role is certainly getting long. Thanks so much for continuing to share these great finds.


    • you can still join, Cassandra! Just go to the Blog Hop link on the side bar – WordPress blogs have problems with the HTML, but Tessa allows us to make posts with links to the original…
      Can’t think of how long it will take me to follow all those new blogs, though… *sigh*… should be writing instead! 😉


  2. Hi Barb,

    I’ve forgotten my WordPress login on this computer so in case you can’t work it out, it’s Elspeth Cooper here–and of course you’re forgiven. You put me on your blogroll and linked to my posts; I’ll forgive you almost anything!

    That bloghop was an interesting experience and certainly made me some new friends, and hopefully some new fans too ;o)

    Just FYI, the bloghop code works fine on WordPress for me–maybe it’s because I’m self-hosted, not on Anyway, I got a weird pseudo-comment linking to this post of yours which is how I found out about you.

    I would dearly love to check out every single blog in the hop (44 at the last count, erk) but I have a book to finish by the end of next month…



    • yes, self-hosted powered by WordPress work, common WordPress blog no. Sniff. The Blog Hop has reached 50 in the meantime… and I don’t know either how I’ll keep up with everybody! 😦
      Nice meeting you anyway!
      Happy writing!


  3. Thanks for highlighting these new (to me) bloggers. Enjoy your hop!


  4. I tweet, but mostly only in the sense that I post a link to my latest blog entry most days (along with what I hope is an inticing intro line.

    Occassionally I use it in the way it was intended – short shout-outs to other folks, a handful of retweets of something cool, or whatnot.

    I also use it to “follow” a number of authors and agents and whatnot who I think may have something interesting to say. I don’t have time to really use twitter extensively though.


    • This might be an interesting way of using it (and not over-using it)… will have to think about it, but with this growing blogroll it’s harder and harder to follow everybody! 😦
      Did you contact Jim from the Daily Kick newsletter for the writers groups too?
      Happy everything! 🙂


  5. A interesting variety of topics and blogs, Barb! I’ll be sure to check them out… Thanks!


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