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Last month I wrote a post about it and asked writers to send me their reasons for writing what they write (poetry, fiction, genre fiction, screenplays, whatever). So here are the answers I got. Feel free to add yours in the comments at this time! I would like to thank the participating writers for their answers and highly recommend to check their amazing blogs when present!

Happy writing!

I love that question! Here goes: First I started writing romance and that was because I love love stories and I wanted to delve more fully into the psychology of individuals and how that worked or didn’t when in a relationship. Then, I started writing literary fiction and the reason for that is to simply write a tale from the darkest space my mind inhabits so I can best communicate my worries and even my philosophy. It’s the story I NEEDED to write.

Kimberly (posted in the comments of the original post)

This such a great question. Here is my answer:
I write literary fiction (drama for the most part) because it’s what is close to my heart. I’ve gone through a lot of experiences and
situations in my life that I want to share with the world. I think people can learn and understand a different side of life that they may
ever experience without reading. I set out to create diverse sets of characters that people can relate to. I have so many stories to tell
and I can’t wait until people are able to read them all. I think my stories will make people appreciate life a little more and realize
it’s worth all the struggle and conflict we all go through. I’m not about to change people in general, but maybe I can change a few


Hi Barb, just wanted to answer your call and say, I write because… I’m really bored. As bad and snobbish as it sounds the real world and all it’s little worries ( find the perfect man, marry him, have children, find a good job, work from morning to evening, pray for promotion, earn lots of money, this list can go on forever…) really bores me to a point I worry that I’ll lose my sanity. I write to keep myself entertained. To keep myself sane and well.

I write literary fiction and this is mainly because although the real world bores me, humans don’t. I find the human nature fascinating and like to think about why people do what they do and express this through literary fiction.

Another reason to why I write is that I’m a naturally curious person, I like to think more and beyond. When I hear a piece of information, my mind automatically thinks “wow, I wondered how that happened and what will happen after this?” and I think the best way to channel this curiosity is to write fiction. It keeps me out of trouble 🙂


‘Gosh Barb, you hit on it when you said its a hard answer to give. Why I write fantasy is sometimes beyond my ability to articulate. But if I was pressed, I would say legends always stirred my soul. The first ever story tellers created the most amazing fantasy characters which became our myth and legend. That’s what I want to echo.

If I had the ability to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’, I would write historical fiction, but I would be sure to leave some vital hist. fact out and cause readers to get their backs up!’


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  1. These are some great responses. Thanks for asking the question and thanks to those writers who shared their responses.


  2. Miss Rosemary

     /  03/08/2010

    Oh what fabulous responses! I do love Lua’s (she’s always good for a laugh and sometimes do comedically honest!). I tend to agree with a little bit of all four answers.


  3. What fun to see all the responses together. Thanks, Barb for sharing!


  4. Thanks for putting this together. I love reading why other writers write what they do.

    I write juvenile lit–I think because I’ve never grown up! Kids fascinate me and I love their outlook on life. They are refreshing and inspiring in ways that most adults will never be.


    • thank you for adding your 2cents to the lot, Cat! 😉 We’re all sooo different… ain’t it great? 😀


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