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As July comes to an end, I decided to change my priority list. I’ve decided to “recycle” (read: total rewrite)  what I called the Moren Cycle, so I need to work on that before I continue revising the Books of the Immortals. I’ve done Fire and Water, but for Ether (which is the one that needs most fleshing out) and Earth I better know the “history” told in that cycle before I revise.

So I’ve been reading old stuff and cringing and laughing out loud on my own (glad I live alone, nobody sees me act crazy! ;-)) and pondering on what could be changed and saved and how. And how my prose has changed (regardless of the language switch from Italian to English) from a flourishing “the blond hero with blue eyes” (1978) to “Indira’s doe eyes” (2008). I was very epic, while now I’m very sparse, even with physical description. I read my first “official” fantasy (my first official story is fantasy, but this is the first sword&sorcery, Conanesque hero from Dec.1983) – gee, I have changed! So glad I’ve grown up as a writer! 😉

While I’m doing this, I’m also pondering on next year’s project, the Angelica de Winter trilogy, where I’ll have the same character at 15, 25 and 25 – thus, first series with ongoing character and almost single POV, certainly single protagonist, but I might use side POVs with the secondary characters in each book. Something totally new both in content and style, I guess, but I’m still trying to figure out how I changed through the years to write a decent arc for this character’s growth. I’ve barely jotted down notes on what should happen in each book, but haven’t done a real outline yet.

But again, it’s a project for next year, when I’ll hopefully have more time to research a couple of things. August and possibly September are for a basic rewrite of the Moren Cycle. October, revision of Ether. November revision of Earth and reading of all five – although I plan on starting querying agents in September (October in the case of one agent who reopens to submissions then) for Air which might well be on its way to publication by then. End of year a clear idea of Silvery Earth’s history. New year, new project.

And SKYBAND to draw, query letter to refine, agents to research and query… busy summer! 😀

Happy writing!

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  1. Go for it, Barb. You sound really fired up.

    I’ve just finished polishing my query package: query, pitch, synopsis and first 50 pages of Glass Flowers/Paperweights. If the consultancy in London don’t call it in, I shall begin to query. Have my list of agents all ready, sort of. Will give UK the flick in favour of the USA and Australia. Wish us both luck and patience. Its a slow old business . . . between 6-8 weeks per agent and the etiquette is that none can be queried together. My eye! I’m sending a bunch out at once, otherwise I’ll be ancient by the time its all over.
    Are you multi-submitting?


    • I probably will, yes. I’m still building that agents list, checking and researching them all the way around! 😉 I have a few favorites (Jessica of Bookends, Nathan Bransford, Colleen Lindsay), but I want to find more. Although maybe e-mail querying has a shorter turnaround, so I can send them one by one? Will have to think about it and research the topic while I’m at it… I know some don’t want multiple submissions, so I’ll have to re-check single guidelines before submitting! 🙂
      Happy querying and good luck to both of us! 😀


  2. Viv

     /  30/07/2010

    I don’t have priorities lists as such, largely because it shifts from day to day how much time I can find to accomplish things. I guess my priorities work on the basis of how much trouble am I going to be in if I don’t get X,Y and Z done on time. Preparing daily lessons, even if I do recycle older ones sometimes, takes a lot of time and mental energy. Running a home likewise. Maintaining 3 hives of bees is intermittantly demanding, as is stopping the garden becoming a jungle( which is becoming a priority)
    Getting writing time on top of this is a bonus I can’t always make use of because I am often so tired(and often depressed) I cant focus.
    Best of luck with all the projects. In my experience, email submission CAN have a shorter turnaround but many still prefer paper submissions.


    • paper/e-mail multiple/non-submissions is something I’m still trying to figure out. And I’ve just found another self-pubbed author through the Blog Hop (Amos, added on my sidebar), so I might eventually got that way too… so many opportunities, what’s an author to do these days? 😦 *sniff*
      I have another month (or two, until I hear from my beta-readers) before I make up my mind… 🙂


      • Viv

         /  30/07/2010

        I tried and gave up trying to figure it out. It struck me at the time that there was little logic in the way they asked for things to be done…
        Many agents delete emailed submissions without reading them if you haven’t already queried by letter first. I found I wrote to some and got reply by email.
        And some prefer you to ring them up and chat to them. That I hated. Some will then ring you to find out more. I had that a few times too. It was very unnerving to be in the middle of lunch or cooking and have an agent call.
        anyway, summer is not the best time to do anything. They all have their eye on their summer hols too.


  3. Go, Barb, go! 🙂 You can do it. I have no doubts.

    I’ve made my own priority list recently, and boy is it long haha. I’m working my butt off trying to finish up the first draft of my current manuscript and making notes of changes I’ll have to make later that my beta reader has suggested.

    Whoever said writing a book was easy obviously didn’t actually write one!

    I’m also planning out the next book I’ll be working on. I’m always busy these days 🙂


    • yes! It’s good to be busy with WIPs, though, isn’t it? And we will all make it eventually! 😀
      Cheers to all of us! 😀


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