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Wow, lots of extra posts this week! But after a visit to Shafali’s blog and seeing the Brad Pitt caricature, I couldn’t help to post here the portrait I did from the same pic…

of course it’s a different technique (and I trace from pics in this case), but well… thought would be good to compare them!

Which reminds me this year I want to issue another art-book with the other celebrity portraits I’ve done so far (which will include also my Muse as I did a couple more drawings after publishing last year’s art-book)… lots of work to do this summer, all past drawings must be scanned (the new ones are automatically scanned when done, but the 80s and 90s works… not so automatic! Got the computer in the late 90s…).

My way of making caricatures is more towards Schultz meets SDmanga…that’s supposed to be me with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio – and NO, I don’t plan on reprinting THAT ONE! (So, dear Mark Slaughter, stick to your copy I gave you at the Toledo,OH show in 1998, if you still have it. If not, shame on you! ;-))

I guess my Happiness is… vignettes are a way to caricature myself… but I’m not very good at that! 😦

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  1. Lua

     /  27/06/2010

    Barb, I loved the Brad Pitt portrait you’ve done but my god- that last caricature is awesome! 🙂 If I had the talent I would definitely draw myself with Conor Oberst 🙂


    • tee-hee… one day I’ll post my drawings of myself with celebs – totally made up, of course! 😉


  2. Shafali

     /  27/06/2010

    Hi Barb,

    That’s a beautiful portrait. I love the stylization – especially of the hair, and the simplification of lines:) Happy to know you:)

    Brad Pitt & Leonardo DiCapiro…hmmm…so they are your favorites…

    – Shafali


    • BP&LDC WERE my favorites… I know the portrait is from 2004, but he was my muse in the late 90s… new millennium, new muse… 😀 (and you haven’t done the caricature of my new muse yet!;-))


  3. Miss Rosemary

     /  27/06/2010

    Love it! What great work 🙂


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