My commandments

This is again inspired by Heather’s posts, prompting me to compile my own list of commandments. I never really considered such a list, but maybe it’s time I do one – better late than never, right? While I’m at it, I’d like also to point you to Heidi’s post about the Ten Rules for Being Human – which, I guess, it’s something like these commandments, but different! 😉

1. Be Barbara – and not in the literal sense of the world (savage or barbarian woman in Latin). It took me years to accept who I am, I won’t try to fit in against my will anymore, nor do what others think is best for me. I’ll stick to the second meaning (foreign) and be the outsider for my own peace of mind.

2. Don’t worry, be happy – I do tend to worry uselessly, for myself or others, at work or whenever, wherever. And sometimes it’s really useless worry I’d rather transform into positive energy. Which leads to —

3Think positive – negative thoughts always come back. If I happen to have them, i try to have positive ones to balance the negativity.

4. Don’t panic – easier said than done, that’s why I put it in the commandments, along with Let go, meaning, “Don’t be afraid, don’t try to control everything” which, again leads to —

5. Everything is going to be all right – to be remembered and repeated anytime worry or panic strike.

6. Be open – to life, people, travels, whatever comes my way. Things can be awesome when you actually see them. I’ll try not to lock myself in my hermit’s cave.

7. Care, see and listen – like REALLY listen. Sometimes my mind wanders off this world, I have to remind myself to care, see and listen. Here follow my 3 favorite quotes, pinned to my wall known by heart, but often forgotten:

8. “Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect” (Margaret Mitchell).

9. Remember, only you can take care of yourself (anonymous).

10. Life is to be lived – not just passed through (anonymous).

I guess I better print this out and pin it to my wall…

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  1. That’s a good list! I’m a worry wart by nature, so it takes effort to “don’t worry be happy”. This is a good reminder to stay positive. Thanks Barb!


  2. I love this list and how so many of these have a positive spin on things. Number 5 is one I think we all need to repeat to ourselves every now and then.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Viv

     /  09/06/2010

    This made me smile a slightly wry smile.
    You see the motto of the schoo, I work for used to be Don’t worry, be happy, as sung by Billy big mouth bass to the bemusement of the newly arrived students. I used to cringe.
    Now, under a change of owership Billy has vanished to be replaced by several full size costumes worn by a certain over enthusiastic member of our so-called management team, who prances round as Leo the Lion or Poppy Panda(they each have a Facebook page too, which, I being the Grinch, have refused to “friend” despite numerous requests) and I cringe even more and have become nostalgic for Billy.
    You can imagine therefore what I made of my day at Disneyland Paris last week….
    Shakespeare’s words in hamlet, To thy own self be true are something I try to live by as a general thing but the second I make myself a rule, I yearn to break it good and hard…
    And the words of Julian of Norwich inspire me: All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.


  4. All great points, Barb, but oh-so-hard to carry out, aren’t they? But if we keep trying and reminding ourselves to not give up, hopefully we can master at least one or two in this lifetime.


  5. will have to print this out and put it on my wall! 😉


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