Permanence vs. Accessibility

This rant is generated by Moira Allen’s article on books vs.web from the Writing World archives. She does indeed have a point for both – we all still love books, but on the web our babies are accessible all over the world, which before wasn’t possible. I prefer holding a paperback than a cold Kindle (although I’ve never tried that, so you never know… I might become a convert in the future! ;-)), but e-books are just easier (and cheaper) to get.

Moira says:

“Perhaps this is the ultimate answer to the apparently endless debate over ink vs. electrons, and the possibly silly question, “which will win?” Perhaps, in fact, it’s not a competition and never was. Perhaps, instead, it is a remarkable partnership. The printed page gives our words endurance; the electronic page gives them wings. Why would we want one to triumph over the other, when, as authors, we gain so much from having both?”

I think she’s right. We better get used to both, and start using both. So, for my graphic novel, I made up my mind: I will issue the single issues as soon as they become available on Lulu, but also make 3 “omnibus” so you can read 5 chapters at a time. And I’ll make them available for download as well. So check back my Lulu shop sometime in June for Chapters 2 and 3 of SKYBAND – I’ll be working on chapter 4 and 5 during the summer and hopefully in September I’ll issue the first “omnibus”.

On the topic I would also like to suggest a look at the post on e-readers at Write Enything. The world is changing. Stay tuned…


  1. Goodluck Barb. There is no doubt that the world of the book is changing. Being a bookworm however, I prefer to think that it is just another dimension being added to the world of the word.
    Like you though, I think we should all think about and embrace the new technology.


  2. missvspeaks

     /  28/05/2010

    I think ebooks will gain in popularity, but as writers this can only be good news as there will always be a market for our work. The publishers are going to have to find a new angle as sales of paper books dwindle.


  3. Yes, we will make it. Creators won’t be outcast ever again, we’ll be cuddled and cared for like in the time of Gengis Khan! 😉


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