Blog Jog Day results

So it’s over. What can I say… on The Day (May 9) my visits didn’t topple my previous “record”, but I did gain TWO subscribers (thank you thank you thank you). I enjoyed doing the tour (finished it on Monday, though) and found some interesting blogs. I guess everybody finised the jog on Monday, as my visits DID topple my previous “record” on Monday! 😀

Anyway, here’s a list of interesting finds during the jog (that lasted 48 hours):

Lisa who is now on my blogroll – go vote for her book! And check the rest while you’re at it.

Holli had an interesting article on promotion styles (I didn’t leave a comment, but I see Lua did) – I believe I’m sort of the third kind: the shy one! OK, I guess I’ll have to be more aggressive in the future! 😉 BUT I left a comment to win her book about New Orleans! 😀

I left comments on these blogs, hoping to be extracted by their giveaways (books, of course! 😀 What’s a writer without new reading material?):

Heidi M.Thomas, whose Cowgirl Dreams sounded like, well… a dream!

Ghost Posts because, hey, it’s fantasy, and I’m always curious about other people’s dragons! 😉

Writers in the sky because it’s always interesting to read Tips to make your writing good and powerful. And I subscribed to their newsletter, as well.

All in all it was fun, most were Blogspot blogs that I wouldn’t have found through the WordPress tag surfer, so it wasn’t a bad experience. Not sure it improved traffic here, but you never know… somebody might come back, eventually…

Oh, and I won two of the books! I better add those two writers to my blogroll… Keep writing and blogging! 😀

Thank you for passing through, hope to have you back sometime! 😀

Keep… blogging!

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  1. What, pray tell, is a blog jog? I’m fairly new to your blog, and I’ve never seen this term used elsewhere.


    • It’s something I found on Ollie’s blog. I signed up and was listed on a site with 150 other blogs. On May 9 we “jogged” from one blog to the next, either using links from the next blog or from the BlogJogDay page. I think you can still go to that link and check who was who (Ollie is “The courage to create” link)… it was fun! 😀


  2. I followed the blog jog around and did find some very interesting posts to read. I didn’t actually get to your blog via a link though.
    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing some of these links with us.


    • I was somewhere in the middle of the list… and there were all kinds of blogs – for singles, pet lovers, christian, whatever. In fact, very fw writers! 😉


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