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I was tagged by Cassandra, so here you have a short extra post.

For a “Tag” you answer 5 questions 5 times to share a bit about yourself. So here goes.

Question 1 – Where were you five years ago?

I was where I am now.

I have a part-time day job (in the 22nd year now).

I visited Iceland for the first time (and before it actually blew up.

That was actually the year I turned 40.

I also became an aunt and godmother of Federico.
Question 2 – Where would you like to be in five years?

Free from day job.

Still writing.

Keep traveling.

Have read a lot more books.

Be a published author

Question 3 – What is on your to-do list today?

Check more blogs from the Blog Jog Day list.

Print the edited version of WIP.

Fill the fridge.

Hopefully write something.

Maybe start drawing chapter 4 of the graphic novel.
Question 4 – What snacks do you enjoy?
gee… I don’t like eating!

Not sweets, though.

Only white chocolate (and Mars bars).

Something with olives.

Question 5 – What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

Start a publishing house and be an old fashioned mecenate (where have all they gone??).

Start a production company to shoot the movies I want to see.

Try to fund a program that would help others.

Travel all over the world.

Very happy I don’t adore the money-god, though.

The rules are that I get to pass the Tag along to 5 Bloggers I admire….

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as tagged by Barb, so here you have an extra post.

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  1. Lua

     /  10/05/2010

    Oh wow thanks Barb! Those are great answers, I would definitely put “travelling the world” on my list! I’ll answer them on my next post , thanks again 🙂


  2. Madison Woods

     /  10/05/2010

    Ha! These are fun questions. I’ll post my answers later today during break 🙂


  3. Thank you thank you thank you! It was kind of fun answering those! 😀


  4. I love these little fun peeks into my blogger friends’ lives. But when it’s my turn, I freeze :). Thanks for the tag, Barb! I will respond soon…


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